With all the amazing zouk bass going on this week, I just had to contribute as well. That’s why I’m bringing this massive EP under your attention. ´Lento y duro´, Spanish for ´slow and hard´ is a collaboration of the most innovative minds in the transnational bass scene, released a week ago on Dubco‘s blog and netlabel!

The original mix is a zoukbass track from upcoming talented producer Gabriel Rowano and is the perfect combination of the pleasure of a downtempo vibe with powerful electronic sounds!

Reptilian Commander‘s remix holds the middle between trap and experimental breakbeat and turns up the heat halfway the track with a heavy bass synth.

Insane Fennel is known for his dark, mysterious approach to transnational sounds. That is exactly what he does here too, in an absolutely visionary way. His remix is a blend of orchestral chords, deep growls, experimental sounds and diverse percussion.

Caballo turns up the tempo towards a bubbling-like riddim, with drum rolls and a bright snare, spiced up with crazy chopped vocal samples and an extra synth.

The bass collective Bubbleheads tries a very different vibe with heavy, organic kicks, melodic percussion and a delicious flute.

The last contribution comes from the Dutch tropicalist Café de Calaveras who brings the ultimate dancefloor banger with this delicious, minimalistic blend of kuduro and trap sounds! I can only repeat Dubco’s advice: keep an eye on this name!

Rowano himself takes care of the last remix, and what could have been a better choice than to use his own delicious lento-riddim, the slower, reggaeton-inspired cousin of moombahton..

Get the EP here for free!

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