Riot aka Rui Pité is one of the most important and unsung heroes in the Transnational Bass scene.  One of the team at Buraka Som Sistema, he has often preferred to stay in the background but that has started to change recently when he unleashed some of the most lethal Zouk Bass tracks we’ve ever heard in the scene so far under his own moniker “Riot”.

This year we know he is going to cement his individual ID as “Riot” with his forthcoming Zouk Bass EP and he will demonstrate, alongside his Buraka bandmate Branko, why he is still one of the most talented producers at the top of his game in this scene even after all the years with Buraka Som Sistema and his previous DnB career.  His ideas and sounds are continually progressive and fresh!

It is with the greatest pleasure and honour to have him here sharing with us his  favourite Zouk Bass tracks and EXCLUSIVE previews of 2 brand new tracks!!!!!

Four Generation Bass Artists in his Top 10, wow!!!!

10. Rathero- Money & Cars

9. Reptilian Commander- Jungle Rebellion

8. Missy Elliot – Get your(Zouk) Freak on (R I O T Refix)

7. JSTR – Panamania feat feat. Ma-Less 

6. Insane Fennel- Bang

5. Misanthrop – Deadlock

4. Buraka Som Sistema- Sente

3. Branko feat Compadre- Ramma Dum

2. R I O T- Zouk in the Souk [EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW]

1. R I O T- Coming from my Heart [EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW]


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