Our dude Funk Na Caixa who helped to introduce Rasterinha to the world now helps to shed more light on Bahia Bass with this truly epic EP.

I am really feeling all of this amazing stuff and you really need to pay it some attention, the fact that it is also free for a limited time should be all that is needed to persuade you to wake up and not to sleep on this tremendous & innovative release.

Here’s what our dude says about it all:

The Braza stamp continues the mission to show show the new faces of Brazilian electronic music, this time taking the focus to Rio-São Paulo. In this third installment, a visit is made to Bahia and shows the new evolution and development of Pagode Baiano, the Afros and Afoxés blocks, of Axe Music, Samba de Roda of the Reconcavo, all influenced by Bass Culture or as co-curator, Mauro TelefunkSoul of the collective Pragatecno Crokant says – Flame of Bahia Bass.

Bahia’s electronic music scene, began to have more strength in 1999 and 2000 with the collective Soonoomoon, specialists in Trance Music and the Collective Pragatecno, facing the line of Club Music. Pretty soon after, when the drum’n’bass and break beat took care of EDM, Bass Music scene began to gain more body. One of the DJs who influenced the era with a mixture of Bahian culture with bass music was DJ Rascal who did a song with the African Parade and Mariene Castro attended the Cleveland Mc Wattkiss called “Made in Bahia”.

Now in the 21st C, the first producer to mix the Bahian Pagode with bass culture was the Sound Peba. Then one of the first guys that did “Bahia Bass” were the duo A.MA.SSA who released several songs and created some media attention.

The Bahian Pagoda’s reference is ghetto music, as it appears in the outskirts of Salvador as well as in Arrocha and also other popular rhythms. This EP brings together elements of electronic music and bass lines and fuses them to the essence of Bahian culture.

This song is an adaptation of music from the outskirts of Bahia , which has the Pagode Baiano , the Arrocha and Axé . Using these rhythms , the songs of this genre Bahia Bass is well loaded and Bahian percussion influence of factors such as the berimbau . He also has good vocals and Brazilian little influence from outside .

Check it out and learn more of this new and little known culture of Bahia , and discover a little more of Brazilian electronic music.

Balkantronika feat. A-Skitzo & Deepstoned Selectah


We return to Moombahton, as we always did, but as always, with a difference, this time with another Balkan Bang!!!

If you recall we released the first ever Balkanton EP and that was way back in October 2011 with Shazalakazoo’s “Bang! Bang!” EP.  Fast Forward 3 years and we go back to explore more of that vibe that we love so much here.

The Boranija EP is a Co-Production from several musicians and djs from the Balkans.

The idea for the track was developed 2012 in Berlin, where A-Skizo from Sarajevo (Bosnia) and BeatShock met for the first time, the direction and style the producers would take, was clear from the very first moment, exotic, full of phat bass lines and fresh sounds.

The trumpet sound was recorded by the famous musician Cristinel Manole of Fanfara Kalashnikov (Romania).


The Rhymes was made by Deepstone Selectah from Serbia.


Shazalakazoo also worked upon two brilliant Remixes for this EP release.


Grab it for free now:

01. Boranija – Original mix
02. Boranija – Shazalakazoo Remix
03. Boranija – Slowmo Beatshock Edit
04. Boranija – Shaza-Speed Edit

Balkantronika is a Music-Producer and DJ-Team from Berlin Germany. Balkantronika is also a party series which has been taking place on a regular basis since 2003, featuring a mix of Balkan-Bass-Tunes, Electro, Moombahton, & Dubstep. The unique thing about Balkantronika is the variety of live acts and guest DJs who come together to seduce guests time and again with diverse Balkan soundscapes.

DJ Beatshock is the founder and DJ behind the party series Balkantronika, and as such he revs up his guests with his own originally created, all-over musical explorations of the Balkans, the central focus of which is Balkan-Bass-Tunes. An explosive mixture of fast beats and indescribable Balkan flair. His long-time musical experience on the international scene and his contact with heterogeneous styles come together to make for an unforgettable evening. .. ..

Since 2003 DJ-Beatshock is making Balkantronika partys in berlin where he plays Balkan-Music mixed with modern club-sounds. Music-Producing since 2009.


Mail: [email protected]
Booking: [email protected]

J. McFly



South Africa’s leading young Bass God, Muzi returns to Generation Bass with his current top 10 tracks.

He recently released his “Fire Up The Bongo” EP with us a few weeks back and you can still grab that for free HERE.

The six track EP is a testament to ingenuity and persistence. These tracks are township battle-heavy beats with chopped and screwed lyrics running in and out of the aural landscape. A mix of nosebleed dub step, drum funk, techno and trap that switches between the genres faster than you can say eclectic. It’s music that’s all energy. Power drink music. Stay up all night playing games music. Blow up that building music. Fuck the neighbours; this is the Ride of the Valkyries coming over the shrubbery; the ghetto piper at the gate of dawn sending out word that suburbia has fallen. But that Muzi has arrived…

Don’t forget to download that EP but for now check out what gets him moving with his Top 10 tracks.

10. Flosstradamus feat. Casino – Mosh Pit (Official Video) [Explicit]

9. Rustie – Ultra Thizz

8. Just Blaze x Mysto & Pizzi – 1UP

7. JSTJR – Valhalla

6. Pegboard Nerds x MisterWives – Coffins

5. Munchi – Telenovela Tiraera (KTDR1 Maschine Live Remix

4. Antiserum x Mayhem x Gent & Jawns – Where you been

3. What So Not – Touched

2. Moodygood – Musicbx

1. Trolley Snatcha – Zulu





MuchoBueno : Terrenal EP


Good stuff from Mexico, debut EP from MuchoBueno full of tribal rhythms fused with Techno, House and Bass. Great melodies accompanied by shakers, agbês, cowbells, congas, bongos, boxes, and other percussion.

They say that the EP is called Terrenal “Earthly”.

“Earthly because they are tribal rhythms with which we have been in contact with thousands of years. To remind us of where we come from and where we want to go, to feel and sense the environment. Animal awaken that spark that we have deep inside. To silence the mind and some problems and enjoy the moment. The present.”



Haven’t enjoyed an electronic album as much as this one for quite some time. This one gets your right in the zone, that Heart Break Zone.

Not much is known about this dude except that he writes Love songs and he claims to be from Western Sahara, which only adds to the excitement about his work.

Wow, this album is just full of gorgeous melancholic electro melodies that make you float and contemplate the state of your broken heart but it feels good that your heart is broken!  The whole atmosphere of the album imbues you with a sense of optimism and knowing that your broken heart will mend and it will all turn out alright in the end!

Just sublime and highly recommended. Definitely one of the surprise discoveries of the year, think a futuristic M83!!!

He doesn’t even have 300 followers on soundcloud but I think that will soon change.

Download a mini-mix of the album:

Grab the whole thing from bandcamp:

Tip O’ Hat 2 Lara Lara!

Old Money – Mothership EP


New EP release from Old Money.

Mothership track is a Funky House stomper with liquid Jazz interludes that is gonna just kill it on the dance floors – those dance floors where they actually dance and not just fist pump.

The EP also includes 2 remixes of the Mothership track by Chief Boima who takes the track on a deep spiritual (Corey-I wear my sunglasses at night) space excursion and South Africa’s DJ Spoko who transforms the track into something that sounds like Moby on speed.

The track “Gargon” also features and that kinda sounds like some Trippy Hip Hoppy Psychedelic African shroom-fest!

All in all really good vibes!

Here’s what’s said:

Dutty Artz is proud to present Old Money’s Mothership EP. The title song, originally released in the summer of 2013 on their Fire in the Dark mixtape, is a soulful funky-house jam that serves as the announcement for a return from a visit to the metaphorical mothership. This ship is a place where an enlightened creative community nurtures its brightest future stars, a Zion in the sky that is both the beginning and the destiny for all this planet’s righteous sufferers. Such a vessel has been at the cornerstone of American Black Liberationist movements since their stirrings at the beginning of the 20th Century – from Marcus Garvey’s Black Star Liner to Elijah Muhammad and Sun Ra. These are the roots of the Old Money philosophy.

For the rest of the EP, the group adds previously unreleased ‘Gargon’, a song that celebrates the brighter sides of our hyper-connected terrestrial society. It is rounded out by remixes from Dutty Artz’ own Chief Boima and South Africa’s DJ Spoko, making it a true pan-Atlantic collaboration.

Little Dragon Went To South Africa (Mixtape)


Whilst checking out Swindle’s remix of a Little Dragon track I chanced upon this mix on the Little Dragon soundcloud page, which focuses upon some of the South African House pioneers of late. It’s not a new mix but was uploaded about 5 months back but it’s a great one to check out if you want to feel the vibes of South African House & Kwaito.

Regular readers of this blog or even those who are no strangers to my African mixes should be pretty familiar with all of the artists on this mix.

1. Do It Blek Sem – Dj Cleo
2. Kuyafiwa – Dj Cleo
3. Ruthless – Dj Cleo
4. Jezebel – Professor feat. Oskido & Dj Tira
5. Mambotjie – TKZee
6. unknown name – Abafana Bovenvane from their cassette SIBALI. label is USM and the cassette no is ZGAL 2080
7. Africa Natives (silly willy) – Mzee
8. Mono T Jam – Oskido & Master Wakes
9. Akhonto feat. Lelethu – Dj Clock
10. Terminator – Dj Gukwa
11. Ndiya Ndiya feat. Zulu Naja – Dj Cleo
12. Track 7 – Dj Christos from Afrodessia mp3 disc1 …. LOL (sorry this is all i got)
13. Djs Manifesto – Oskido
14. Banane Mavoko – Black Motion feat. Jah Rich

Little Dragon : Klapp Klapp (Swindle Mix)


Brilliant remix here by Joker’s sidekick Swindle of a Little Dragon track from their new album.

Infused with Grime and a bit of Purple Wow and drum rolls that sound like they came from Ofra Haza’s 12′ version of “Galbi”, this is just incredible.

Mat Dtsound – Indian TerreHappy


Don’t know how I always chance upon great dubz on a Friday!!!

Here’s some really cool stuff from France that contains no loops or samples, it’s all live as I understand and some of it is pretty amazing.