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I first took contact with the work of Mene Mauroa last year when i listened the way how she explores different influences such as Zouk, Bachata, Dembow and other traditional sounds. That, instantly call my attention. Such an amazing quality and personal ability in the reinterpretation of  folk music. I decided to find more about her and her work with a Q&A which ended on a great collaboration with KONN Recordings. KONN Recordings is the label that will  release the forthcoming EP of Mene Mauroa , BURBUJAS (Bubbles) with the producer Don Beto, and they were able to finish the mastering of one of the tracks just in time to make it as an exclusive download for Generation Bass readers and the Zouk Bass Week. Plus you can listen her MENEANDO mixtape full of Zouk, Tarraxinha and Bass.

1 Since you were born in the Reunion Island, what kind of music did you use to listen as a child?

I was born in the Reunion Island, a French department located in South East Africa. At 7 years old, I left my precious island to the south of France named Avignon more than 12 flight hours later. My musical influences come directly from me my island roots, but also genres who listen in France at the time.

Can you give us some names of artists you used to listen back in the days?

* Danyél Waro * Kassav * Bob Marley * Jhonny Clegg * Jean Jacques Goldman

2 Music is a recent field you are exploring, where and when did you start the artistic exploration of Theater/ Dramatics and Dance?

If producing and singing remains new to me, since the first moments of my life I am sincerely attracted by art in all its forms. When I was a child, I was doing ballet in Avignon, a city in south of France. My school of dance was looking for actresses for a piece of the famous theater director George Savary. I introduced myself, and I was contracted with my 10 years old. For two months I played the role of a little elf with famous actors. Since then, I fell in love with the theater and i keep continue the practice.

With respect to dance, when I was teenager I start dancing alone in my room, always listing music every day in the morning and overnight in my bed to fall asleep. Recently, after practice Salsa and Bachata, I am passionate about Tarraxa and Zouk which give me a lot of artistic pleasure. Those dances allow me to express myself exploring sensual movements.

3 What do you think about the Zouk rhythms gaining more attention due to Zouk Bass genre?

I know the original zouk since my childhood by the music that I heard in the Reunion Island. Indeed, my island belongs to France as the French Antilles where Zouk born. This genre handles a loyal audience over 20 years ago. So I think that the Zouk Bass not just supports the Zouk, but I believe that both genres are supporting each other.

4 What are the artists that recently gain your attention in the Zouk Bass movement?

To me, those artists are just amazing: RGGD got a excellent sound of bass, Dj Marfox make a super original groove with the drums, Lazey handle melodies for you can move your body and Branko got that excellent combination of the sounds.

5 Mene Mauroa is releasing a EP soon named Burbujas (Bubbles), what kind of sounds can we expect in it?

I’m actually finishing my first EP named BURBUJAS with my husband Don Beto. The music we are doing together is completely FREE. We really believe in the feelings of the moments.

Don Beto got his textures like sounds of Cumbia and Latin flavors because he’s from Venezuela. My influences come from Soul Music and African Styles. The combination of those two worlds is the base of this next EP.

6 How much is the influence of Don Beto (Venezuelan producer) and his musical roots in your work? What kind of genres do you discovered with him?

I discovered new sounds like Cumbia, Guaracha, Moombathon and others with Don Beto. But this first Ep “BURBUJAS” shows another way to make music for us.

In fact, Don Beto and I are exploring more musical feelings nowadays like Kizomba, Tarraxa y Zouk Bass for example. Right now, we are finishing the last song of the album called Deep Caramelo, which is more like House Music and Soul.

Soon, people will listen the entire album and experiment it.

7 What do you think about the Global Club Music movement, with people from different parts of the world communicating and collaborating to explore new sounds?

The World Wide Web changed everything. I think that it’s very important nowadays the communication between the artists of the world. This is what makes the richness of contemporary music to me.

Years ago, we only can hear the music on the Radio or TV. Today we have more options to listen products and find whatever we want. It’s a great chance to make war to the POP injection in the actual Medias, because many artists deserve that people knows there talent.

7 Which are the platforms/sites/blogs you chose when you search for music?

I use many instruments to find music, Soundcloud it’s a good choice, Youtube Channel is one of the best because we can see the artists a live performing, for example on BOILER ROOM and the blogs like : Cassetteblog, Tropical Bass, Generation Bass … which give a great support to the artists.


Listen and Download BURBUJAS


MENEANDO  [mixtape]

track list

1- Dj Paparazzi — Crazy Beat
2- Dj Massacre — Steva
3- Dj Liu’ K & Dj Dotorado — Nao Mayamos
4- Don Beto & Mene Mauroa — Burbujas
5- DZC Deejays — Slow Motion
6- Kjs — Klang
7- Dj Marfox — Sem Fronteiras
8- Banginclude — Swerve
9- Mestah — Contra voce
10- Lazey — Mira Quien Llego
11- RGGD — Bajo
12- Bro Safari & UFO — Drama

Mene Mauroa










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