After a week of mainly zouk bass, you would almost forget that there is still such a thing as cumbia. And it made me wonder how much a cross-breed between zouk bass and cumbia, let’s call it ‘zoumbia’, has been explored. I mean, it has definitely been done in the past. But I couldn’t find that much recent stuff. But the awesomeness of the track that I did find compensated more than enough for that.. This great edit of Negra Samba from the Bolivian Andes-cumbia band Grupo Saya Tupay by the Mexican bass allrounder Pita Dubleu is the good example of what zouk-cumbia could sound like!

But meanwhile when our spotlights are on zoukbass, the cumbia scene keeps doing its own thing at full force.

The amazing Colombian transnational bass formation Palenke Soultribe has not only released a massive new tune, inspired by the famous carnival of Barranquilla..

.. they also performed a couple of days ago on this Latin music night, Noches Culturales, organised, interestingly, by Starbucks Los Angeles.

And then this.. I stumbled upon this fantastic Colombian music channel more or less by happy accident. Amplificado.tv is a relatively new spot for the promotion of the most talented Colombian musicians, focused exclusively on live music but from diverse angles, including cumbia, rock and hiphop.. Watch this trailer and you’ll know why this deserves to be amplified with prominent place on a Generation Bass post!

This week’s mixtape is from Pedrolito Radioglobal, who has been putting out many more cumbia mixtapes which I have failed to share with you for the single reason that I’m not (yet) a DJ and hardly ever use Mixcloud. Soundcloud and Youtube have become quite familiar terrain by now but on Mixcloud there’s still a whole different world. This mixtape is enough to be reminded of all the cumbia treasures that I’ve still got to explore in this world.

Folklore digital #12 by Pedrolito Radioglobal on Mixcloud

When preparing for my 3ball post at the beginning of this week, I came across this versatile producer from Mexico City, Tropic-All, who released a mouthwatering dark ruidosón EP a couple of weeks ago with a lot of cumbia influences. If I had known about it, I would have blogged it immediately, but on Generation Bass it is never too late for good music. And you can still download the EP for free!


But it’s never too early either. This wonderful album from he Argentinean organic bass producer Barrio Lindo will be released on the German label Project: Mooncircle. If you can’t contain your curiosity, you can pre-order it here!

Let’s open the new single track releases list this of week with this dark, grimy tune from artist and musician Tu Guaina. ‘Old Schooool’ is a return to the very basics of experimental noise-cumbia alternated here and there with a 808 break-techno kindof beat. Tu Guaina is a visionary creative mind without which the nu-cumbia scene wouldn’t be complete!

The Mexico-City based 3ball dj-producer Dj ChikoMix released this massive bass banger which is somewhat halfway cumbia and 3ball in style.. Massive shout-out from Generation Bass for this one!


The Bogotá based producer Don Alex did a mysterious and deliciously slow digital cumbia track. The downtempo cumbia beat is accentuated with bright, rolling 808 hihats!


The ´Futuristic Sonidera´ specialist Turbo Sonidero Futuristico is back this week with a crazy electronic edit of a very basic but undeniably danceable sonidera groove!


Sonido Mamalón also keeps it basic this week with an excellent, hypnotising ´beat only´ track: ´Mi Cumbia´!

We haven’t seen Stereo Revuelta for a couple of weeks, but now he is back with an excellent cumbification of a song from the Mexican rap crew Cartel de Santa!

I’m starting to like the style of 4:20 Music Flavor more with every time I listen to it. Most remixers are either very experimental with synths sounds and different beats but basic in their use of cumbia samples, or they make extensive use of samples but keep the electronic changes so subtle that you’d almost forget that it is an electronic edit at all. 4:20 is combining the best of both. These are his two creations from this week:



Arturo Herrera fits in the same category of remixers. This is his new release, which combines uptempo cumbia with a smooth techhouse groove and with crazy rough synths at the same time!


I originally discovered Loko Fuentes, a.k.a. Mad Fuentes, from Mexico City as a talented upcoming moombahton producer. This week he released a very nice cumbia tune: ‘Acordionica’!


Lat week I blogged the new moombahton-cumbia-trap compiltion from Exta Machine. Only I missed one track that was announced in the descriptions but could nowhere be found on his soundcloud page. Don’t worry any longer.. because here it is!


We’re approaching the end of the list already without having heard a proper dub tune yet. The Argentinean dub specialists El Teclado de Eliazz and Dj Pase of this week’s portion with these two nice tracks. The first one is a collab between the two, the second one an excellent solo production from Dj Pase.

More than time for some club energy!

I’ve been very enthusiastic lately about what seems an ever closer integration of the Mexican and Argentinean popular cumbia scenes, which automatically also includes communities in the USA. But any more integrated than this fresh new cumbia-pop banger from Con Carpa featuring Grupo Pesadilla I haven’t seen it so far. This one is a must for your Latin sets, grab it here for free!!

Mc Jorge Colombia is best known as a 3ball mc, but here he raps bars over a balkan/banda-music inspired cumbia tune from Dj Pucho, adding even more fire to an already energetic vibe. A special one for the ladies!

This week’s closing banger is actually from a month ago but so massive that I couldn’t think of a more euphoric way to end this post.. Crazy cumbia-twerk from DjMorphius!


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