Generation Bass’ love affair with Diamond Bass began some years back when we helped to bring him to the world’s attention and our love affair with him continues. We keep scratching our heads tho’ and keep thinking why isn’t this dude massive worldwide yet, we thought it was a given back in 2010!!!

Well, he has a few things coming up with GB that might just propel back in that right direction, we hope!

In the meantime, this is a mix to die for, straight killa Kuduro vybz with some Tuki Bass thrown in for good measure towards the end.

Kuduro mix i did for Nasty FM
1-Sebem – Tua Boca é Esquadra
2-Costuleta – Tchiriri
3-Dj Marfox – Pemba
4-Hoje não saio daqui (Dzc mix)
5-Helder o Rei do Kuduro – Frique Frique
6-Pupilos do Kuduro – Confusão
7-Mala Noche – Macaco
8-Pocz & Pacheco – Taladro
9-Dj Yirvin – Absurda Coincidencia

AND if you’re in London, you can’t really miss this all Kuduro event which inlcudes our boys from the DZC crew!!!


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