petrichor shunya

Lovely, sweet EP filled lounge and jazzy flavours, slow and melting, it is music to live rather than dance.

Sometimes 8-bit musical box like the track Petrichor, with the fantomatic voice of Nisha in the back. Other moment rolling like lazy waves on the track lovereignonus featuring the singer Nisha as well.

As it is a pay what you want download, i strongly suggest you to download it at the highest possible quality to enjoy the fullness of the music as Bal Singh obviously took real time to compose it.


Shūnya (AKA Bal Singh) is a Electronic Musician and Indian Classical Musician from Melbourne. A sarangi/sitar/tabla player/beat nerd/composer/producer. The word Shūnya is the philosophical concept of the non-duality between infinite and finite. It is represented by the circle “0” and for Bal Singh it reflects his personal and artistic philosophy of a non-duality in genre and style.

 From Shūnya’s webpage.

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