Hey people, I`m proud to announce that my new EP is out today! NEKI STRANAC – MNDRA / DUPE EP consists of two tracks of completely different tempo and vibe, but yet have the similar sound aesthetic and idea… It`s released by Dutch-based Downpitch label on Beatport exclusively.


The 1st track is called MNDRA (a girl), that`s trap bass track with lyrics in Vlach language, local variation of Romanian spoken in Eastern Serbia. It`s one of the easternmost Latino languages and this track is the only trap in that language. In fact, the language is so rare (only 35,000 speakers) that hardly even any rap exist in it. I don`t speak it but i managed to find the MC that does – it`s Dragan Obloga from the town of Zaječar in Eastern Serbia. Check it out:

248414_215406808492815_5747874_nDRAGAN OBLOGA

The 2nd track is called DUPE which means the BUTT in Serbian. It`s a Zouk Bass style and a collab with MC Killo Killo from Novi Sad (Serbia). It contains very few lyrics – only MRDAJ (move) and DUPE – so u got the point. Here it is:

980470_330941650368584_1857389419_oKILLO KILLO

So what can I say – if you like the tracks go HERE and buy em…

But what about freebies in this post? Check out this two Zoukesque free download tracks (just click `like` button HERE and unlock the free downloads):

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