This gorgeous EP enjoyed its worldwide Premiere on The Fader a few weeks ago.

Now it is available for purchase at all Digital stores worldwide.

Generation Bass presents: Bison & Squareffekt – Odyssey of the Mind EP

After the massive Tarraxinha EP we dropped just a short while ago by Bison, this awesome producer returns. And he’s bringing a friend! Squareffekt (aka Miguel Afonso) is another Lisbon born producer, adding some lush melody lines to Bison’s rhythmic approach. Squareffekt is also a visual artist and really gets Bison to open more to an almost pop side. On his first EP the percussion rattled the cages and the kick drums almost reluctantly gave way to bass lines and melodies but this is some serious emotional vibes. Love songs for Central Africa. Or Love Songs for The Blade Runner Percussion Ensemble would also be fitting names for this new strand fusing Tarraxinha & Zouk Bass!

There are only three cuts on here, but you can feel the concentration and power of all three of them directly. The EP kicks off with the title track “Odyssey of the Mind” which has a long, lush, sensitive melody oozing out its pores. It almost sounds like some of that good trance, before all those Dutch DJ’s ruined it with their arms in the air, slowed down to a 90 bpm crawl. Synth arpeggio’s fly all around and synth strings cover you like a warm blanket. Tremendous stuff! The second one “Solaris” is slightly colder, like the original Russian film of the same title. Confusing, yet accessible music. I love how that bass line counters and accents the synth melody. The rhythmic elements are completely in service to the song here and make a perfect blend of synth driven pop and the typical Tarraxinha rhythms and percussion. The final track “Night Crawlers” continues along that line, with slightly more congas to the front of the mix and accents in the synths that support the beat.

Dreamy, cool stuff from these two guys that are bringing something new to Tarraxinha and Zouk Bass and something that fuses the 2 effortlessly. A new, mutant strand of African Diaspora has emerged from Lisbon and these two are stretching it out as far as possible! This is Future Zouk!




Release Date 06.03.2014
Description EP
Tracklist1.Odyssey of the Mind
3.Night Crawlers
Download storesJuno
Streaming servicesSpotify

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