Machines in heaven

I wanted to take my time for this one. I needed to take my time. As if someone was whipering a thousand words to my ears, all filled with strong emotions and memories, too many to collect, too fast to catch them all.

I could use the words beautiful, great; but it’s not what i want to say about it.

Listening to the first track of the debut album from Machines in Heaven, the woobled abstract bassline, the glitched beats, i found myself teleported in the wide open spaces of Stornoway Scotland, surrounded by the rough wild battered day after day by a hostile rain and climate but which at that moment was bright and living under the beautiful silent sun.

Other tracks got me back to cherrished Glasgow city during my young years, Glasgow and it’s terrible climate suddenly radiant and blooming whenever a beam of light dropped onto the walls the old fashioned buildings. I do not mean that this album is nostalgic in any way, or that i am ; it’s more to share with you that feeling of endless possibilities i had at that time and that fills me when listening to Bordersbreakdown album. The feelings i have expand over the limit of the sound spectrum like the music composed by the Glaswegian trio. We all have our own place of paradise, so what i feel should be somehow familiar to you i hope.

I’m no good at references. I can however say that i felt uplifting moments as when listening to Explosions in the sky. other moments of raw organic energy similar to Holy Fuck or Errors.

This album named Bordersbreakdown which includes the 3 tracks of their Glasgow Jihad EP is really living, genuine and deserves a particular attention. It will be accompanied by two remixes of the track Parliament Is Made From Rice Paper, one by James Hamilton – member of Errors -, and the other by Production Unit part of label Numbers, home to Hudson Mohawke, Jackmaster and Jamie XX.

James Hamilton used his new solo project moniker Infant Telethon for this remix. James experiments heavy loud beatbox drumming and saturation on the vocals and gives us an awesome break with a beautiful synth line and spacy sounds. Infant Telethon will support MiH’s tour in Scotland on three dates starting in Glasgow on Friday the 14th of March.

Production Unit’s remix is very experimental, playing a lot with spacy frequencies, recalling the grimy house track 1939 by Motiivi : Tuntematon.

The album Bordersbreakdown will be available on the 14th of March via Rough Trade Records from their London and NY stores. You can, if you prefer, purchase it online through Rough Trade HERE !

You can still get Glasgow Jihad EP at the price of your choice HERE !

Machines in Heaven on :






01 The National Monument

02 Parliament is Made of Rice Paper

03 Divided By Zero

04 We Fall

05 Remembrance

06 Metropolis

07 Mumbo Jingo

08 Be the Media

09 bordersbreakdown

10 The Eternal Now


Fri 14 Mar:Stereo, Glasgow, LP launch.(Infant Telethon/ Patricia Panther)

Fri 21 Mar: The Tunnels, Aberdeen. (Infant Telethon supp.)

Sat 22 Mar: The Bothy, Hootenannay, Inverness.

Sat 29 Mar: Electric Circus, Edinburgh. (Infant Telethon supp.)

Fri 11 Apr: The Dalston Victoria, London.

Sat 3 May: Brew at the Bog Festival, Inverness.


Much gratitude to Clair from Hotgem for providing the infos !

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