Last week I had to make a difficult a choice: shall I connect with the zouk bass week or shall I do a carnival-post instead..? But I was too curious not to look into crossbreeds of zouk and cumbia. And now, carnival is over, which kinda sucks because I also missed it in real life. I must confess that I’ve never been to one. Every year I’m determined to go THIS year.. but once the time has come, for some reason, there’s always something why I’m too busy to permit myself a good carnival..

In the Netherlands it’s almost a week of festivities that starts the weekend before Ash Wednesday. But carnival culture is a thing of the Catholic South here. And I’m from the historically Protestant North, where life basically goes on and any attempt to do some carnival stuff is predictably lame, especially when it’s outside in public. But every year tons of people travel southwards for the weekends. Basically as an excuse to get shitfaced in broad daylight. But Southerners are not always happy with this internal tourism. Because carnival is more than just getting drunk. And like a native language, if you haven’t grown up with it, it’s doubtful whether you’ll ever be able to fully get the whole thing.

That idea must definitely also apply to the famous carnivals like the one in Rio or in Barranquilla, Colombia, one of the birth places of cumbia. But that of course doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate from some more distance. Here a couple of nice impressions from this year, both with cumbia as important ingredients!

Here the some nice cultural activities before the actual thing takes off..

And this is how the parades are in Barranquilla!

Let’s move on to the mixtapes!

Regional Label delivers it’s weekly fantastic contribution again and this time it is Arturo Herrera‘s turn for the mixing work. As a producer, he is known for creative genre-crossing cumbia edits. This mixtape is also a great selection of tunes from different corners of the cumbia world  (both style-wise and globe-wise)!

The Label KONN Recordings has been releasing absolutely great stuff lately. Now they’re back with a delicious mostly vintage-cumbia mix from the Colombian tropical alrounder Deejay Garnnika!

Where Garrnika keeps it traditional and basic, this Mr. Toé released this absolutely fantastic futuristic mixtape, labelled as “poscat”, ‘poscategórico’: beyond genres and features cumbia percussion, prehispanic Andean chants alongside experimental electronic sounds and house grooves! Inspiration comes from the mouthwatering Chilean Caleta Condor Festival, a 3 days long celebration of culture and sustainability, held about a month ago, to which many of our favourite artists have contributed. As Generation Bass, we are definitely looking forward report about and promote this festival in the future!!

But something that is not too late yet is the Launch Party this month for the new netlabel Piri Piri, an initiative of the creative platform INI. This is the promo-mixtape, delivered by the Haarlem based organic-deep-tropicalist Umoja! The party will be on the 29 of March. We’ll keep you updated!

Being a day later with a post also has its advantages, such as finding an extra nice mixtape. This deep and dreamy selection is from the Argentinean tropical dub dj Loco Munico!

The same goes for this great tape from Piska Power, a young tansnational bass talent from Germany whose productions and remixes have frequently featured on our blog.

It also looked like there wasn’t going to be an EP release featured this week. But when I opened my soundcloud I saw this fresh new EP from the transnational bass formation Dialect Trio in collaboration with Piper Street Sound. The EP, without a further title, contains four wonderful, psychedelic tracks, three of which different versions of the main track, ‘cumbiarus’, completed with a separate new tune ‘chicago’. Yet all tracks are organic, studio recorded blends of cumbia, ska, latin-funk and dub with a warm, loungy vibe! Get the EP here!

The Chilean producer Bacondo is a new and very promising name in the transnational bass scene. Bacondo fuses traditional Andes melodies with the powerful, rave-festival sounds of bigroom house, moombahcore and trap. This tune is the a fortaste of his upcoming EP that will released soon on Latino Resiste! I can assure you that we’ll going to hear more from Bacondo in the near future!

The second most-important single releases is doubtlessly this remix of Capital Cities‘ ‘Safe and Sound‘ by the innovative cumbia band Astros de Mendoza together with Cumbia Drive!

Qechuaboi did two again fantastic tracks this week. The first one is a deep but heavy cumbia-tech tune..

The second one is beyond any genre but is best described as experimental tuki-bass-dub.. It was so fantastic that I just had to share it!

One of the cool things that happens if you’re a blogger is that artists know how to find you. That means that you’ll get to know great new stuff that you might otherwise have missed. That happened with this heavy, dark cumbia-jungle track from the Bristol based tropicalist The Silly Tang! He sent me this and I was in love with it right away! This is my sound!!

This new release from the San Francisco based rapper Mex Tape has an equally dark-underground vibe about it, but now in an oldskool hiphop way.. This is the first demo for his new project ‘Rucas y Cervezas’ (which means ‘girls and beers’..)!

Our team member Filipe Ribeiro reposted music from this fantastic producer from Portugal, Rastronaut! I checked out his music and came across this deliciously dark cumbiaton remix of a tune from the British Afro-punk visionary I.R.O.K.! It’s a couple of months old but more than worth checking out!

That also goes for this latest release from Pabz Y la TiaJuana (a.k.a. Pabz El Tropical), who did this deliciously electronic cumbia track about two weeks ago!

More cumbiaton here, a very danceable mashup by Club de Baile CD’M!

I love the sound of Turbo Sonidero Futuristico! I’ve regularly blogged music from him over the last weeks and every time I’m surprised how well he combines the vibes that are as far apart as dark electronica and urban-pop or oldskool sonidera. This week he spiced up a psychedelic sonidera tune with 808 drums and basic electronic sounds! The remixed track is itself a cover of an originally Colombian song La Bulerengue!

It’s been a while since I first introduced the Argentinean dj/remixer Chico Parany. This week he is back with this nice gipsy-cumbia tune, in collaboration with the gypsy-music artist Marceau Panvino: ‘GROOVIXIMO’!

And Dj Krack did this nice cumbia snippet this week.. once he releases the entire track you’ll definitely see the updated version in a future SSC post!

I also discovered a new great artist from the Argentinean nu-cumbia scene: El Leo Rodriguez, this crazy and energetic tune is his newest release! Looking forward to more!

I’m also new to CharmedAxxNoel, a transnational bass producer from Mexico City with a dark experimental style. His passion exactly similar to my own: using boundary-crossing music to bridge worlds that are as different as possible! This uptempo track draws influences from cumbia, 3ball, dembow, melodic electronica, trap and even some pop-rock!!

But from the experimental side of things it’s more than time for club bangers now!

If there is one melody that can rightly be called the ‘anthem’ of the entire genre it is the ‘La Cumbia Sampuesana’, which keeps being remixed and reinterpreted.. which is understandable because this melody will give the ultimate sweet-recognition feeling to every possible cumbia fan. This is Dj Bekman‘s newest version!

And here more energetic, dancefloor oriented cumbiaton, from the Argentinean latin beats allrounder  Juancho JS!

Last week I closed my post with some good cumbia-twerk, here more of the same delicious crossbreed of vibes, delivered to you by the Macon (Georgia) based 3ballero Dj Angel Mendoza!

This urban-cumbia track from El Infamoso Dj Gecko is probably my personal favourite for this week! It has a delicious guitar sample, a powerful electronic lead, full lyrics mc’ing and a bangin’ beat!!

Mc Jorge Colombia further turns up the temperature with not one but two new releases! One collaboration with Deejay Lazer..

And this badass collaboration with El Plan: norteña-influenced cumbia!

I’m closing this post not with cumbia but with the ultimate carnival sound of the Colombian North-coast.. champeta !!

Dany F did this excellent remix of which I couldn’t find the original song, but amazing carnival-work here from the king of deep tropicalism!

And how else could I end a carnival post than with the Colombian transnational bass band Bomba Estéreo, who released a superb champeta tune last week..

Mediopicky did this massive bass remix for Latino Resiste!!

And here is the original Colombian carnival banger.. ‘Qué Bonito’!!

See you all next week!

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