If you’re following this blog, the focus on Portugal should come as no surprise to you. It has currently one of the most promising music scenes, either in global music and dance music. However, it lacks recognition internationally and even in Portugal.  Even those within  the Portuguese music scene have backed more International artists rather than those within the Portuguese music scene and it’s left to blogs like ours to start trying to change that and we feel that over the past 12 months we have managed to do that in a small but important way.

I feel like there’s a lot of artists who should get more praise, and Txiga Pro are one of the production teams I feel that need more attention. Other than what I’ve found in Anderson Teixeira’s soundcloud (one of the members), I’m not able to find much more information.

However, UMB tells me that Generation Bass included one of Anderson’s tracks on one of their first Zouk Bass/Tarraxinha releases, the DJ Paparazzi EP and that they also have another one of his tracks on a forthcoming EP due out soon.

For now the music they make should suffice. I’ll update this as I find more information.

Raw, groovy and heavy.

Follow Txiga Pro on:

Anderson Teixeira’s Soundcloud
Txiga Instrumental Beats (Soundcloud)

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