It is always pretty nice to hear that you’ve inspired somebody. That happened when I was talking on Facebook a couple of days ago to undergrund prog and moombahton producer Antae about future music, transnational vibes and innovation. Somewhere along the chat I shared my 3ball post from a couple of weeks ago and as soon as he heard Los Macuanos performing dark apocalyptic electronica with prehispanic percussion patterns, he was blown away. He quickly cut of the conversation with the message “I just need to produce RIGHT NOW.. inspiration level: 100%!!”

…and this is the result: a absolutely wonderful tribute to the Argentinian cumbiamuffin vocalist Alika, who talks about her Guaraní roots and the intricate connection between the soul, ‘alma’, and the word, ‘palabra’!

The shuffling triplet groove of 3ball and the galactic, mesmerising sounds of underground prog, inspired by artists like Nick Warren or Guy J, flow so deliciously well together that it makes me wonder why this approach to transnational sounds is so under-explored. Definitely want to hear more of this in the future!

For now.. just press play and turn back to your soul!








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