Seems like 2014 will keep pointing to Principe Discos as one of the most interesting labels to follow in Portugal. The nights at the Lisbon´s downtown club Music Box maintain the regularity and are hotter than never, showing that the periphery is now the center. In every session you have always pleasant surprises, it could be with special guests like Dj Rashad & Dj Spinn, or showcasing upcoming talents like Lilocox or DJ Puto Anderson. The work behind all this the movement had a natural evolution culminating in releases of the different artists and crews. After talk about P004 release here, its time to share the P005 from end 2013.  ( that’s the pleasure of being a collaborator and not a worker with deadlines and dates to fulfill posts with nonsense to avid consumers)

Blacksea Não Mayam (DJ Kolt, Dj Perigoso and Noronha) and PDDG (Piquenos DJs Do Guetto) (Dj Firmeza, Dj Maboku and Lilocox) share the participation on the release. Much more than the simple replication of their African influences like Kuduro, Semba, Rebita, Kizomba and others, this releases have a very personal and unique commitment in developing coherently his own style and shaping the reality of Principe Discos and the Afro-Portuguese dance music scene. More than be tied to a style or genere, Principe is focused on a place. Lisbon and his suburban areas. You can see it also by listening the releases of the trio Niagara and the duo Photonz. Their iconic hand-stenciled records made by Márcio Matos is just one more reason why you should put hands on this. Hopefully they are helping to show to the world new paths of Club Music which will have for sure a strong repercussion in the future.

Dj Kolt opens the album with Afroolooove. Subtle chords blended with complex rhythms in cadence, different layers of fast percussion embarks you on the journey. If you were expecting the obvious sounds from sample packs, very comomn nowadays in Afro House, sorry to tell you this but detailed work made with own sampling don’t let the word “obvious” step in. DJ Perigoso sign the following 2 tracks, “Decaléé” and “Dia da Moca“. Energetic, physical .. but never forgetting the intricate and melodious parts. The dissonant and acid harmony combines in perfect coherence. Dj Noronha finishes side A with “Africa Congo”. A single example of the complexity of percussion with rhythms coming out of nowhere. All that come to my mind is Afro Jazz´s percussionists in frenetic jam session with Rebita musicians and 3Ball Prehispanico hues accompanying with dancers dressed in multicolor clothes. Layers of sounds that seem to communicate by his own language and unconsciously we all know when they gonna touch or not.

The side B starts with 2 tracks of Dj Firmeza, “Dedicado ao Projecto Principe” on a clear allusion to a track dedicated to the work of Principe Discos on the community. Maximum exploration of African polyrhythms once again, so common on sub-Saharan African music, and hypnotizing subtle elements which puts you in a state of trance by dancing to it. “Remeche As Coisas”  is more melodic, Caribbean flavors added to an amazing upbeat percussion. Dj Maboku joins with “Instrumental Pe”. Solid bass, a unique conversation between wind instruments and his particular take on percussion makes this track a delight to be enjoyed with closed eyes. The 2 joins DJ Lilocox  to finish side B and again the madness of polyrhythms play a very important role, add to this the more liquid texture on synths.

Principe Discos have also been releasing some goodies to the fans.

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