As a passionate lover of music and art as well as a dreamer, coming across more and more like-minded people is inevitable at some point. Like being on a travel, having a short chat somebody and suddenly realising that you’ve got something very particular in common. A certain destination, a certain place you’ve both visited and both had a particular emotional experience that turns out to connect you on some deeper level.

That happened to me when I was almost literally traveling, out in the cyberspace of Soundcloud, on the lookout for new cumbia and other transnational and genre-crossing music. And on that travel I ran into this collective of loosely coupled music and art projects that revolve around the synergy between music, art and spirituality, called ‘Reincarnated Bums’.

In this case, we discovered a particular, shared desire to connect opposites, to broaden minds, and to use music and art as a medium for that!

When it comes to their art, it are different spiritual and inspirational figures, religious symbolism, manga cartoons and mathematical-mystical designs that are blended into a psychedelic, almost mind-altering whole..







Music wise, their DJ collective The Gurus are sharing the same vision of dimension-transcending unity with a style they have dubbed ‘Guru House’: a fusion between deephouse, techhouse and subtle bit of trap..


I interviewed JoeMcFly to find out more!

GB: Please tell us, what is or who are Reincarnated Bums? How did you come up with this name and what does it tell about you?

RB: Reincarnated Bums is a spiritual movement. Our main goal is to get people to become conscious of their true potential and come in contact with the spiritual energy that is within us all. A Reincarnated Bum is a person who aims to become reborn and aims to leave the past behind to create a better future. I came up with it by just combing two words that I felt connected with my life at the moment. I spent a lot of time studying the science of Reincarnation and I often got called a Bum by my friends and family. RB tells everything about me, I am a Reincarnated Bum, however I knew I was not the only one so I created Reincarnated Bums. Anyone can be a Reincarnated Bum.

GB: Is there anything we have missed out on from your project so far?

RB: I would say the videos we have put up on YouTube from our interviews to our video montages. We have a Spiritual Public Announcement video montage and also a Political one. These videos are really symbolic and have deep meaning. Other than that I would say the music that is being released under Reincarnated Bums in collaboration with a group of Producers/ DJ’s, which I am also a part of called Beyond Normal.

GB: A bit cliche perhaps, but who or what are your main sources of inspiration for this project?

RB: It’s a bit hard to explain who my main source of inspiration is. I feel like my inspiration comes from a little bit of everyone who has ever inspired me. What keeps me going is my belief that God gives all of us a purpose in this life and within this purpose there are universal energies that guide us and help us with our journey.  I feel like my purpose in this life is to help others discover theirs. I feel that with my movement I will be able to help others discover things that society has hid from them.

GB: your website talks about art, music, film ant literature, how do you regard the connection between them?

RB: The way I am creating the connection between Art, Music, Film, and Literature is by creating a site where you will discover; Art that holds deep meaning, Music that moves your soul, Film’s that teach you something new, and Literature that will teach you how to think.

GB: Are there any important lessons you have learned since you started RB?

RB: The most important lesson I’ve learned since starting RB is to always plan for the future, do as much as you can in the present and in time your plans of the future will become reality in your present.








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