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The Black Soul EP is Zhe Pechorin’s second great release for Generation Bass. This Serbian producer’s first EP was the amazing “Smiling Tribes” that sent pulses racing and had producers clamouring for collaborations with her. It is a must have and so go and check it and grab it if you have not done so already.

This second EP is an absolute must have too, it captivates you with its driving percussion, hypnotic synths, and compelling drums. Every track is a sonic journey of its own.

The first track is the title track of the EP, “Black Soul”. It starts with a compelling vocal sample that simply states “Oh Yeah” and that guides you throughout the song with a spot on 808 drum. Then suddenly the sound takes a different turn, the rhythm gets more complex whilst continuing to retain the grooviness. Meanwhile, the synth interchanges with the vocal as your guide and keeps you locked into the deep hypnotic vibe of the track.

Next up is the brilliant “Delírio”. The Portuguese word for delusion. An apt title that ought to keep you guessing as to what to expect from the track. It starts with a drone-ish sound that gradually builds into a fuller sound followed by another great vocal sample with a more Blues based tone. When that Bluesy vocal kicks in, that’s when the fun starts. A mesmerising track that would not be out of place as the soundtrack to some strange David Lynch film noir.

“Outro Mundo” closes the EP and it’s a track that clearly shows the fine detail that Zhe Pechorin puts in her productions, especially with the percussion. If you know your Portuguese, you probably know “Outro Mundo” means “Another World”. In Portugal this word is very often used as to describe something that’s out of this world. (Isto é algo de outro mundo). And it’s actually the best way to describe this track; it’s something “otherworldly”.

All in all, Zhe Pechorin once again delivers with style, grace and poise, sounds and riddims that many could only dream of creating. She is a name to watch out for in 2014 and beyond. Be prepared to hear a lot more from this brilliant new artist.





Release Date 24.02.2014
Description EP
Tracklist1.BLACK SOUL
Download storesJuno
Streaming servicesSpotify

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