I can´t even express how excited i am to show you this. Some of my neighbors already gave me feedback about how good it is played loud and so gave the police last night. So hit plaaaay to let the party begin and grab the surprise (free download) at the end of the post.

John Taylor and Harry Clarke are the duo behind Punx Soundcheck. They are not new in the game and their experience gives them everything they need to present you a superb EP via Arcade Pony. Infectious club rhythms influenced by Kuduro or sometimes traveling to Mexico through some Tribal-Guarachero cadence. Rave synths and excellent completion with the most fresh skills in production to make a proper anthem to the Global Club sound. Lets find more about this London’s undisputed heavyweight bass champions.

1 PUNX SOUNDCHECK have very vast and eclectic influences 
through their 4 albums. From Moombahton to Dubstep, Trap 
or even in early works some Electro-Fidget, Techno and takes on  Progressive stuff. 
What did you use to listen as teenagers?

JOHN: I first got into music listening to punk and the Electro Pop stuff from the early 80’s and then Hip Hop.But that all changed when i went to my first Acid house party. id probably say acts like Public Enemy, Beastie Boys and LL Cool J was definitely all i listened to in my Teenage Years, anything on Def Jam records…..

HARRY: The first genre I had a real passion for was Hip Hop as well but I was into the later stuff. I used to devour music from artists like Wu-Tang Clan; Nas and Talib Kweli. I was a huge fan of Eminem as well; I haven’t been taken by his recent material but his first two albums were the soundtrack to my early teens.

2 What was the main impulse to start producing electronic music?

JOHN: I used to think to be able to make your own music was only for the elite, but after seeing all these young rave bands who would just rock up to a rave, plug in and go mental was probably the main things that made me want to do it myself.

HARRY: I used to love jamming on the piano; stringing chords together to create a song was great fun for me. Moving into the production side was just a natural progression as my godawful voice didn’t leave much room for the ivory tickling singer/songwriter role.

3 Have a favorite gadget?

JOHN: I am definitely a gadget freak, id say right now the RMX1000 from Pioneer. The things you can do with that is just net level for me, for studio gadget id say the Mackie Control for Logic, really cool watching the flying faders.

HARRY: My laptop. I feel like it’s the outer body version of my brain, it has everything on it.

4 This new album have a strong and explicit influence on Kuduro, but also a 
very distinctive and personal approach. One can say that is the PUNX SOUNDCHECK
 vision of the future of the sound. How did the creative process start?                                        

JOHN: Both Harry and i have always been into Bass Music and huge fans of frantic beats which is why a lot of our music is beat driven. With Kuduro its all about the beats, almost hypnotic. We are also big fans of Moombahton, Trap and future bass so Kuduro is definitely a sounds we will be exploring more and more.

HARRY: Exactly, I’m really driven by melodies too so it would be interesting to explore melding those frenetic African drums with some really catchy hooks.

5 Who are the artists that inspired you to do this approach to Kuduro?    

 Id say Munchi, he’s always championed Kuduro, also M.I.A who has explored kuduro in her sound but id say the kings of Kuduro are Buraka Som Sistema and their live gigs are just outstanding too.

6 Why the choice of Arcade Pony Records for the release?   

 We have always liked Arcade Pony’s ethics when it comes to releasing with them. As a label they haven’t pigeon holed themselves and just release good bass music regardless of what it is. A lot of labels wouldn’t touch a pure Kuduro EP but Arcade where all over it so we would rather release with a label that feels our music.

7 This days Europe is full of new crews promoting Global Bass/Club music and 
creating alternatives to old House and Techno circuits. Is more common 
nowadays to go out at night and listen fresh takes on Baile Funk, 3Ball
, Kuduro or Zouk. How is the Global Bass scene in UK?   

It’s growing, great nights are popping up all over the place from Kuduro to Trap and more. London can be quite difficult as a promoter to try and do something new as there are so many nights offering all kinds of music but we are hoping the scene will make its mark at some point here in London and if we can help it along its way..job done.

8 Do you have a residency or places/venues that you recommend to Global Bass
lovers to visit in UK?    

We do, we play for a night called Houscienda who run amazing parties all over the country. As for bass events you can take your pick here in London.

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