Chuck UpBeat has the same sick of all other great producers. They’re never are happy with their own work. They finish a music, listen it again and thought “hey, I can improve Here’ and dont release it. Few months later, appear a new trend, which will influence the producer again and he will be in doubt if will release or not. So he wait more. Show this for a friend producer, who like and want to do a remix, and….well, we all know this kind of histories.

Baile Folk Girls is very next of if, but I in a gigant size. In first hand, Chuck UpBeat release at 10 remixes, including the original. Plus, in few weeks he will drop more remixes from Comrade, Chong X, Happy Colors and other great remixes!

My first time with Chuck UpBeat productions was like: man…he is from Russia and is using bmore and baile funk beats? Mixed with this great folk russian music? This is Amazing!!’ Then, I would discover a moviment called Soviet Bass. So when you listen to this music, you will see a lot of influences, plus sovietic trends and huge bass line. This is a Soviet Bass.

And everytime the things can get better. And in this global ep you will listen to Soviet Bass, rasterinha, moombahton, trap, zouk and other of this styles we are already familiar!

Serious, one of best EP from 2014, and we are in March yet.

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