If you are going to a cumbia party any time soon, make sure you’re well prepared. Of course, you can have fun freestyle-dancing like you’re doing in your average EDM club. But I bet that actually knowing more sophisticated moves will do more than just increase your chances of stealing the show on the dancefloor. Knowing how to dance the cumbia, especially in pairs, will add a whole different experience to enjoying the music!

That’s why Generation Bass has selected some tutorials or clear examples this week of different cumbia dance styles to choose from…

Original Colombian Cumbia

Cumbia Sonidera

Newskool Cumbia Villera, you can find a tutorial here, but the moves are a bit different…

Monterrey style, which has buzzed around on the internet a couple of years ago in vids like these, but still a pretty badass thing to be able to actually DO yourself, on slow Mexican cumbia vibes!

Mexico City cumbiaton/reggaeton, which looks like a form of ‘Free Step’, an ecletic mix of moves from many dance styles we’ve seen over the last decades like shuffle, c-walk, jumpstyle, tektonik etc.

Practice these moves while listening to this week’s newest cumbia!

Let’s start with the mixtapes. We’ve got three this week.

The first one is a delicious, deep-tropical mix with a lot of cumbia that  Dengue Dengue Dengue! did this week for VICE’s new electronic music channel THUMP!

La Brousse Records is a also a new label, based in Brussels and specialised in Afro-Latin sounds. Maybe you’ll remember them from the Tarraxo EP they released last month. Now Andrés Digital did this excellent mixtape for their monthly mixtape series Brousse FM!

Before finding out about this mixtape, I didn’t know El Gayo Negro yet. But I am to blame, because this cumbia-latin DJ-producer from Zürich, Switzerland is a well known member of the international nu-cumbia scene. This week he delivered a nice selection of nu-cumbia with tracks from SSC regulars as Dj Caution and Polymiller for the Swiss alternative radio channel GDS.FM.. which stands for ‘Gegen Den Strom’ (Against the Stream)!

For the EP releases I am introducing another new artist to Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. Sabogal from Lima, Peru, is an experimenter who combines hypnotising cumbia grooves with psychedelic, deep and weird electronic sounds and even with rock. This is his newest release which came out exactly a week ago!

Dj Manchas is another talented nu-cumbiambero and tropicalista from Lima whom I, shamefully enough, didn’t know before. But I’m happy to find out about great new parts of the scene. This delicious dark-deep cumbia-techno tune is only one example of the diverse styles and vibes of his impressive portfolio! Make sure you check out his other stuff as well, especially if you are, like me, a fan of transnational beats with a techno flavour, you’ll absolutely love this!

There is this well known say and legend about the Midas Touch.. when everything somebody touches seems to instantly turn into gold. That is sortof the feeling I get when listening each new tune from this all-time hero Yelram Selectah.. It doesn’t matter what kind of vibe or style it is, everything he touches instantly turns into cumbia, with a extremely danceable vibe and always a unique, crazy edge!

Someone we haven’t seen for a while is P-Teez, a.k.a. Pablo Tesio, from Argentina. But now he is back with this nice new track which is not bass, not deep, not dub, not villera and also not a simple sample-edit.. but really occupies an unclassifiable area in between all these things. That makes ‘Rio Cuarto’ the perfect track for any kind of cumbia set or playlist!

This absolutely massive sonidera-bass banger from S.L.C. Sonidero was this week’s greatest find and an instant all-time favourite! This is cumbia sonidera on steriods, or on adrenaline.. or both.. ! The vibrating synth lead in the end even adds kindof a villera-vibe to it ! ´Guelcome tu de barrio homs´..

For anyone who doesn´t speak Spanglish: welcome to the hood homies !!

Hydroselekter is also back, with this crazy cumbia edit of Coolio’s all-time hiphop classic ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’!

More cumbia hiphop this week from the rapper Mex Tape, who did this badass short demo for his upcoming Turbo Mex EP !

This basic tune from Grupo Jejeje, spiced up with some porn sounds, has the perfect vibe to practice either your Monterrey-style or your sonidera moves..

Time for some cumbiaton as well now, of which we’ve got quite a lot this week..

Pablo Pachacutik, a talented allrounder from Cochabamba, Bolivia, did this delicious fusion of Andes music, traditional cumbia percussion, deep, washed-out bass growls and dembow!!

I’ve blogged many tribaleros lately who’ve turned to cumbia.. and this week I’ve got the honour to share this cumbia experiment from none other than Dj Tamalero!! ..of course I hope he’ll keep doing 3ball, but more cumbia is definitely appreciated!

Fricci is a dj-remixer from Mexico with on his list number of good cumbifications of popular hits. This is his cumbia reflip of a new release from the innovative Mexican reggaeton and dancehall vocalist MC Peligro..

The original is so good that I just had to blog it.. keep an eye on MC Peligro.. massive shoutout from Generation Bass!!

DJ KBZ @ TOTY DJ 2014, who has released a lot of new dembow and cumbia over the last weeks, has a pretty extensive following on soundcloud. Too bad I couldn’t find out more about him.. Everyone who is into party-oriented cumbiaton, should definitely check out his stuff !

Transnational bass alrounder Bongolaser is a better known name on Generation Bass.. last week he released a massive compilation of new tracks, ‘Salvaje Rancho’. I selected one to share here, ‘Illusion De Caderas’: uptempo funky disco-cumbiaton!

Also uptempo is this nice cumbiahouse tune from the eclectic and probably ironic, barefoot cumbia-mystic and theologian from Pueba (Mex.) Sonido Motherno..

I hope this has built up enough energy for the closing bangers! And ain’t no better preparation for a night of clubbing than some good remixes of over-played radio-pop.

The first one is from the latin-bass alrounder, Acorde On from San Luís Potosí, who hasn’t released new music for more than half a year already.. But with this crazy, psychedelic remix of Daft Punk’s ‘Aerodinamic’, it seems as if he’s never really been away!

The second one is from Stereo Revuelta, who cumbiafied Milley Cyrus’ ’23’!

Get ready to put your newly practiced moves to practice on the dancefloor! ..and don’t worry, my own skills need practice too.. A LOT!

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