There are few things that seem as far away from each other as traditional Andes music and the massive sounds of moombahcore and rough electrohouse. It is these two worlds that come together in this new EP from Bacondo!

Bacondo, a duo formerly known as J-1 & Man-K,  is the newest sensation on the festival-side of transnational bass. Both members of the duo can be proud of many excellent solo productions, all very new. J-1 is a latin-bass alrounder who loves energy-bangers and is equally at home in bigroom house or dubstep as in dancehall-bass. Man-K is a moombahtonista by nature. Bacondo is the new project where they bundle their forces, with this massive EP as the first result, released this week on Latino Resiste!!

The EP contains as many as 7 separate tracks and a short organic intro!

Bacondo, the main track is a track where moombahton, dancehall and electrohouse meet. Powerful synths, heavy beats and Andes-flavoured melodies are blended seamlessly and completed by the vocals of the soca and dancehall MC Fucha Kid!

El Karnaval, a heavy moombahcore banger, is a collab with the Peruvian urban-electronic dj-producer Dj JB Perú, which has been out for a couple of weeks already, accompanied by this great music vid!

Dance Wululu, featuring Clinton Sly, an up and coming vocalist from Canada, is another example of the enormous amount of dance-energy that can be unleashed in a good dancehall-flavoured moombahton tune.

Umayuwaka can best be described as ‘sheer festival-moombah madness’, with vocals from the Brooklyn based transnational bass alrounder Loki da Trixta.. Little earthquake guaranteed when you’ll play this for a festival-crowd this summer!

Zambombo is another collab with Fucha Kid. Again moombah-hall with an explosive electro-lead synth here, but now with some sweet, subtle percussion added.. Just a little extra sensual-movements-inducing magic!

Saya de San Benito, featuring the Peruvian tropicalist Chong-x, is an almost nostalgically oldskool Dutch-lead moombah banger with a fantastic, extended Andes-intro. This one takes you right back to original spirit of Dave Nada’s legendary experiment! Even the vocals from Loki da Trixta remind me of the powerful formula of dirty-Dutch leads with extensive MCing that has dominated the Dutch clubs for years.

Todos Juntos, the closing track is a wicked bass remix of a ’70s song from the Chilean folk-Rock band Los Jaivas, spiced up with a subtle but powerful dose of trap.

Each single track on this EP is ready to become the next ‘Watch Out for This’ and take over the clubs, the radio, and the festivals.. An absolute must for all your sets!

Grab the whole EP here for free!!

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