A mix by DJ Rupture previously available in Jan 2013 on CD only but now becoming available as a free download.

It’s full of Cumbia Cumbia tunage and I actually love this sort of stuff a heck of a lot more than Nueva Cumbia stuff and it’s the kind of stuff that got me into Cumbia in the first place. Some cool stuff on this:

Here’s what he says:

A 30-minute mix of “cumbia cumbia, not nueva cumbia” from January 2013. My man Talacha gets on the mic as sonidero.

I used all cumbias purchased in Brooklyn , so it skews heavily towards cumbias poblanas, mexican cumbias, tunes made in the States. Shoutouts include: Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, New Jersey, Virginia, Baltimore, Las Carolinas, Ellay… kinda functions as a map of where Mexicans are strong in the US! There’s no tracklist but that’s OK because everyone is always shouting out their name anyhow…

This mix was originally available as a physical-only CD at a taco shop in the East Village, along with another 30minute mix by Sonido Martines:

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