Wow, stumbled across this band today and my mind has just been blown.

Massive Goth Rock fan and this band sounds like a supergroup composed of elements from The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Kate Bush, Bauhaus and Joy Division.

Azar Swan are more than mere pastiche or an homage act though, they take Goth Rock and inject something special, exciting and fresh to the sound when it could otherwise sound quite tired.

Azar Swan are Zohra Atash and Joshua Strawn. Zohra is originally from Afghanistan and her voice is remarkable, I could listen to it forever. She sounds like a better Kate Bush and I never imagined that could be possible but apparently it is, just listen and keep your eye on them, they’re going to be massive:

Here’s their most recent track, a cover of Marianne Faithful’s “Broken English”

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