Dengue Dengue Dengue! is one of the best examples of everything that makes digital cumbia so tirelessly amazing. Since 2010 this visionary duo from Lima has been experimenting  with combining traditional and mainstream elements with galactic, digital futurism. This mix of psychedelic 70’s chicha, Andean prehispanic culture, with dub, techno and bass has created an unique, hypnotising sound and visual style that has been blowing our minds since we heard them for the first time! And we from Generation Bass were not the only ones with that experience…

“We were instantly hooked,” writes Enchufada, “we knew we had to have them on our catalog.” And here is the result. ‘Serpiente Dorada’ , ‘Golden Serpent’, is a fresh new EP with six fantastic tracks, never afraid of breaking new ground!

Banana is the perfect opening tune. The smooth fusion of zouk bass and cumbia, completed with a tropical flute and mysterious sounds are the perfect musical summary of the entire EP!

Serpiente Dorada, central track of the EP, is a return to the the sound that has become their hallmark: hypnotic cumbia fused with the dreamy sounds of dub and reggae. The electrifying Villera-lead which enters the track about half-way is the icing on the cake!

Rama, best described as transnational techno, is an eclectic uptempo experiment which combines dembow, cumbia and Middle-Eastern-sounding percussion with the sweet rhythmical grooves of techno and techhouse!

Booom is the track that leans most heavily towards dub, deliciously downtempo and with downpitched vocals strongly reminiscent of Mexican cumbia rebajada. The ominous melody and background sounds give the track an overall dark and apocalyptic atmosphere!

Bugutu is described by Enchufada as the second zouk bass track on the EP but Gabriel Rowano’s ‘lento‘, downtempo moombahton with more dembow than Dutch house sounds, would be an equally applicable tag. This minimalistic but powerful tune with a subtle dark edge is ready to heat up the dancefloor!

Senen Pani, is one of those amazing genre-crossing experiments that make you realise that the whole idea of categorising is in fact pretty pointless. This excellent closing track is somewhat oldskool hiphop, somewhat Miami bass, somewhat oldskool dubstep and again skillfully spiced up with a dark and ominous melody, diverse Afro-Latin percussion and ritualistic chants!

With this EP, which demonstrates the limitless creativity of blending and exploring new sounds, the duo from Peru has created a powerful example not just for the digital cumbia or the transnational bass scene but for the future of music as a whole!

Get the EP on iTunes, JunodownloadBeatport or Boomkat!

…and if you’re wondering how epic it must be to see them live, check out this mouthwatering trailer for a documentary in the making!

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