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Happy Colors hit the Generation Bass radar a while back and we’ve been watching his progress with great interest. Not only does he have big hair like our Munchi but he is also from the Dominican Republic like our Munchi. He is also fast amassing a dedicated fan base from the roots of the Trans Bass scene, just like Munchi. A fan base that is genuine and sincere in their love for him. But he’s not Munchi and neither is he a copy, Happy Colors is his own man and it shows in his unique sound and style. We feel honoured to have this future Trans Bass legend on our label for this release.

You can grab this beauty in Wav format and MP3 format in digital stores worldwide.

On his first EP for Generation Bass he explores 90BPM and delivers 2 Zoukesque tracks that had us grinning from ear to ear when we first heard them.

”Zuki Zuki”, the title track of the EP takes you into a different world, a bass-filled one. This track embodies the Happy Colors sound but kicks it up another notch. The track commences with Happy Colors’ trademark synth sound and delves into sexy and groovy rhythms, urban beats and all round bassy goodness. Once every few bars, something new comes in that surprises you and keeps you locked in to the track anticpating what will come next. Zuki Zuki is a great example of how a track can be interesting and fresh throughout without deviating from it’s main theme and concept.

The second track, ”Matanza”, starts with a snare loop, similar to the vibes you get from a Tecnobrega tune, and it is acompanied with some interesting vocal cuts that Happy Colors has been giving us in his music since he started out. The bass starts pumping, leaving you in wild anticipation of what’s coming. Then it comes and it’s total mayhem. Throughout the track, everything changes. Happy Colors stands out from many producers in his ability to mix and fuse genres and concepts with seemingly effortless ease. This track is a great example of that. Percussion heavy, bass heavy, sexy and hypnotic.

Don’t sleep on this artist, well you won’t be able to because his sound will awaken you from your slumber!

Artwork: Steve Ohh


Happy Colors aka Hector Mendoza is 20 years old and originally from the Dominican Republic. He started making music after moving to Miami, Florida when he was 13 years old.

He says:

“I used to rap when I was in High school but stopped after I heard “Sandungeo” by Munchi, that’s when I started to produce music and make Moombahton”. His first ever official release was on Mad Decent, a remix he did for GTA “Booty Bounce”. His music has been supported by some of his heroes like Munchi and others like DJ Blass, Branko, Crookers, Diplo, Major Lazer, Nadastrom, and DJ Craze amongst many others.





Album Title ZUKI ZUKI EP
Genre BASS
Release Date 24.02.2014.
Description EP
Tracklist1.ZUKI ZUKI
Download storesJuno
Streaming servicesSpotify

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