The movement of baile funk is returning in Brazil as popular music and in underground scene. If in last year was hard to listen some new material, now we have new artists, new trends, new set’s and all of it with fresh sonority.

Favela Trap still the favorite in new producers, but this is changing. Rasterinha took a lot of atention and a new, and growing movement of twerk baile, is starting. I’ll write 2 posts talking about this news, in first part will be: mixtape, rasterinha and our friend Krada Dash. Let’s see:



This one is our favorite. Whata great use of baile funk lyrics, in first moment I thought ‘he is brazilian or undesrtand portuguese?’ but no, he is from Compeagne  and he is Very Good! One producer to take attention.

Next Level Rasterinha
If in December was a fresh sound, and very simple, now is a dinamic-organic and full of new oportunity style. This tracks can show this new face of rasterinha.


One of first tracks of rasterinha was the “as novinha tão sensacional”. With a little delay, they released a videoclipe. I Warn: there is anything in common with a rasterinha, it’s just more one video of baile funk.


I will write another post with the Favela Trap and Favela Twerk Producers. To finish this first parte, here is few set’s showing the new diversify of baile funk and neo funk sound.

Jimmy Valência

Renato M2 – Rasterinha

Bumps – Club Popozuda

BluntZilla and Zuzuka Poderosa – Radio Legalize

Bluntzilla feat. Zuzuka Poderosa (NY) – Bailão da Legalize #1 (Mirante do Pasmado – 09-02-14) by Radiolegalize on Mixcloud

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