Our relationship with Liquid Stranger goes back to the beginning days of this blog but he’s actually been making music since the 90’s.

He had a remix featured on our innovative and futuristic Dubstep compilation “Generation Bass Presents Transnational Dubstep”, which still sounds years ahead of its time, even today.

He first came to my attention in 2009 via the Six Degrees Label and his remix of Bombay Dub Orchestra’s “Journey”, which kicked off my infamous “India Calling” Mixtape.  That track blew my mind because it was taking Dubstep to another dimension that was little known at that time, the Transnational Dimension!

Then I heard his second album for the Interchill label “The Intergalactic Slapstick” and that confirmed to me that we had encountered a very special and unique but unassuming and shy talent.  If you have not checked out that album, I would encourage you to do so because it is a “Masterpiece”.  It displays all the intricacies of a real album made by a real musician and not just a producer tinkering with some music making software.

His Dubstep remixes brought him to the attention of “the” label at that time, “Rottun” where he joined the ranks of some of the most influential Dubstep producers on that side of that pond, Datsik, Excision, Downlink and many more.  His sound became a lot more ferocious as a result but he became a huge figurehead within that scene.

However, he never forgot those who he worked with prior to his sudden but deserved rise in the Dubstep scene and he continued to make ambient albums for Intechill to keep his musical & emotive side alive.

To this very day he continues to be at the cutting and leading edge of the Bass music scene.  I have no doubt that a new chapter in his musical career is about to unfold following his mega “Infusion” mix which he dropped a few days ago .  On that mix he displayed his new Multi-Genre approach where Trap, Dubstep, Dancehall, Hip Hop and everything else nestles side by side and he covered a multitude of artists from Rihanna, Kraftwerk, The Police through to one of my faves, The Cocteau Twins all edited or remixed in that Liquid Stranger stylee.

It’s  a huge honour for us to have him back on these hallowed pages twice this week and this time he’s back with his Top 10 tracks.

This list will provide many of you with a sterling education into music, it is a fantastic list containing so many innovative artists and hidden gems inlcuding some of my faves (Bladerunner).

List & commentary by Liquid Stranger.

Tangerine Dream – The Dream is always the Same

Early inspiration from the analogue masters.

Aphex Twin – Flim

Amazing melodies from the Don of electronica.

DJ Shadow – Six Days

One of my absolute favorite DJs / producers of all time – super diverse master of sonics.

Data – Fallout

Kraftwerk on steroids!

Future Sound of London – Cascade

FSOL were so far ahead of their time. Their album Lifeforms was revolutionary when it came out and still remains fresh to this day.

Vangelis – Rachel’s Song

Harmonic perfection. Vangelis music has an uncanny ability to pierce straight into my heart without interference from any intellectual filters.

Johnny Cash – Redemption Day

Originally a Cheryl Crow tune, and Cash turned it into a haunting masterpiece.

Squarepusher – Bleep Street

Masterful combo of electronica, jazz and d&b.

Dimitri from Paris – Une Very Stylish Fille

Original and unmatched.

Rob Hubbard – C64 Computer Game Music

Every electronic musician will name drop Afrika Bambaataa, and Jarre as the originators of electronic dance music – but the music from the early video games is definitely my number 1 inspiration.





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