I will never forget the first time I saw a big artist playing Moombahton in Brazil and that big artist was Munchi.

Those who live in Brazil know about this problem, we’re a huge country, but we’re not usually on the radar for tours from big artists and big trends. Moombahton started in 2009-2010, it got stronger in 2011-2012 and in 2013 it stopped growing.  But because it grew so fast and so many tracks were made I am still finding good material released in 2011, 2010 and 2009.

But, one day we had the big opportunity to see the best underground event at Sonar (this probably happens once every 10 years in Brazil) and who did we see, we saw Munchi.

My brother and I, were huge fans of Moombahton from the beginning. When it started, we would play it every time we were djaying at clubs and the crowd liked it, without even knowing what it was.

And when we, my brother and I, saw this video  from the Moombahtonista World Tour – we got crazy and prayed to every kind of God we could remember and we were praying for this:

“Please, please, make damn sure that Brazil is part of this tour.”

And some very kind God made it happen.  And he was here in Brazil.  And he came.  And it was an amazing night.

I still don’t know how and I don’t understand why it was possible but I was there with my brother. We were jumping like crazy when every song played. You know when you go to a show to see your favorite dj/producer and there is a small crew of drunken guys, jumping and soaked in sweat? So, this was my brother and I at the Munchi show at Sonar. And we weren’t giving a fuck about who was in our way. We went to Sonar JUST to see and hear Munchi playing Moombahton and that meant a hell of a lot to us.

And we jumped like crazy all night. This was one of best moments of the show.

And how Munchi say, “fuck man”….this was the best show from that night.

The only problem was that he was on the main stage, between 2 big bands. I guess Justice finished the show, or they were after, I can’t remember.  So Munchi was quite far from us but we wanted to do a mosh in the middle of that swamp of bass but we couldn’t.  Actually, we couldn’t because he was so far.

After the show, my brother and I went insane, Munchi was there, so close to us and we needed to talk with him. We tried to invade the VIP area, but it was hard. So we had the idea of starting to speak in English saying:

“hey, Munchi invited us to stage, let us in”.

I think we spoke it to 5 different security guards trying to blag our way in and all their answers (in Portuguese of course) were “I can’t understand, speak to that guy’!

Then we spoke with a photographer.  I don’t understand how he didn’t discover we were lying hahahah but within a few minutes Munchi appeared, with the old blue bag and he shouted out:

“hey, who called me here?!”

hahahahaha that was amazing

I said “hey man, the show was amazing, I’m Renato from Funk Na Caixa” and before I could finish my sentence, Munchi said, “MAN, I KNOW YOU!” and he gave me a hug.

I thought, oh serious? No this can’t be real but it was, he knew who I was.  Munchi said when he was starting out as a dj/producer he got a few tracks from my blog and he managed to get some gigs from it.


After that, he went back on stage and then returned with his bag full of beer and said: “hey, I’m alone here in Brazil, can I stay with you at night? I have beer!” and he opened the bag, which was full of beer…ahahaha

Well, I wanted to write this story to express our Brazilian feeling for this crazy big hair producer.

To finish this post, I have the mixtape of Munchi from Sonar. They recorded Munchi’s set by video but 2 days after they had posted it, Sonar took it off their site.

Luckily I have the set, so here is: (it isn’t in best quality 🙁  tho’ but it’s better than nothing).

Munchi at sonar 2012 by Renato M2 on Mixcloud










  1. That’s an awesome history, and the whole Munchi Day idea is nice, hope he starts playing more gigs and releases the teasers in his soundcloud we all have wanted for years

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