For the first time in our 5 year history we’re dedicating the whole day just to one underground producer within this scene, just some guy with Big Hair but who means so much to us.

Today, it’s all about Munchi!

We have a lot lined up for you today and it will all lead up to something special.

Prepare yourselves and keep checking in and hopefully throughout the day you’ll realize why we felt the need to do this!

Munchi first contacted us on 24th January 2010 and he was one of the first producers we came across who was adopting the Multi-Genre approach that we also had been adopting since our humble beginnings in 2009. This was a good 3-4 years before the Multi-Genre approach started to catch on:

Hey Generation Bass wsup!

I’m having a difficult time to get out my funk music to the world. i think it has to do with my poor promoting skills lol. i have been following your blog for quite some time now, its good to see people support GOOD music! i wanted to know if you guys could help me out with my promo that i have made? all the tracks on the tape are made by me, with the help of the funk mc’s acapellas of course.  I’m sure if you guys will have a listen to it you will like what you hear!

Baile Funk Promo Link:

Besides this promo im trying to push these also, this work is all ready to go!
Baltimore Club Promo Prt 2 (2010) 
Munchi’s Old Shyt 2007-2008 (2010) 
Kuduro Promo (2010) 
House Promo (2010) 
Bubbling Promo (2010) 
Breakcore Promo (2010) 
Dubstep Promo Prt 2 (2010) 
Drum & Base Promo (2010) 
Reggeton Promo (2010) 
If i get the hang of the promoting thing, i want to release these because i know there is potential in these
i just dont want it to be slept upon you feel me.
Two Double Ep’s
Careless Rain Hides Sincerity EP 

Imagination Called Freedom EP 


Baile Funk Ain’t A Fuckin’ Hype EP 

De Puerto Plata a Rotterdam EP 

(Baile Funk/B-More/House & Bachata/Mambo/Merengue/B-More/House) 

From the Baile funk aint a fuckin hype ep i got a snippet, Check it out on my player @ http://munchiiii.hyves.nl/Its called Favela Club Music.

If you have any ideas on better promoting let me know !

Talk to you later,










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