Artwork: ‘Seven Deaths’ by Godmachine

About a year ago Munchi asked his Facebook followers which genre they’d want him to produce. Of course people shouted many different things, even EDM, but there was one single word that definitely stood out.. SKULL !!! 

No doubt that Munchi is one of the most important (it not THE single most important) musicians (yes, not just dance producers but MUSICIANS!) of our generation, but if I personally had to choose one thing as his most unique, most revolutionary, most visionary addition to music, it would indeed be his ‘skull’ work. Next to transnational bass, skull(step) is probably the most creative underground hotbeds in the recent history of music. A raw and aggressive whirlpool where genres like hardcore, breakcore, drum ‘n bass, oldskool jungle, dark dubstep, dark techno, industrial, noise music and metal come together in a constant cross-fertilisation of apocalyptic sounds.

A fanatic of everything dark, hard and ominous, the dystopian energy of skull is definitely one of my all-time favourite vibes. But Munchi has taken it to a whole different level.. bringing it together with the rhythmical vibes of transnational bass: moombahton 3ball and trap!!

That’s why I made a compilation of all his skull work for you guys as my contribution for today! A lot of this stuff has also been included in the other posts already, but this post is dedicated to skull-only!

His absolutely mindblowing skulltrap EP!


His two fantastic moombahskull bangers!



And ‘3ball-skull’.. 3skull!!

And for who can’t get enough of these vibes, here is Munchi’s amazing set for Thunderdome Radio, a radio show hosted by the legendary Dutch hardcore/gabber platform Thunderdome!! Just to get a taste of how revolutionary this is.. I grew up in a time where subcultures around hardcore-gabber on the one hand and urban and Latin music on the other hand truly, passionately hated each other.. no joke! But Munchi is the man who manages to bring them together with this magical blend of moombahcore, gabbahton, hard-trap and skull-bass!!










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