Filipe Sousa aka MarshaŁŁl here bringing you my best of Munchi from his latter period.

If you listen to Munchi’s music you can clearly see he knows his music. He’s a person with a lot of different tastes in music and that clearly translates into his songs, which are almost all a mixture of difference influences.

Munchi started 2012 with the release of one of the weirdest but most original combinations of genres/styles with his 3Ball Dub EP.


One track clearly stands out on this EP for me, Chase & Status – Smash TV (Munchi’s 3Skull ‘Shoryuken’ Remix), with an enormous bass, the 3Ball Rythym and those monster snares are an awesome combination.

Two of my other favourite tracks where Munchi messed with Skullstep were the Noisia remix (Noisia – Tommys Theme (Munchi’s Fear Is Weakness Rmx) and his Skrillex remix (Skrillex – Ruffneck (Full Flex) (Munchi Anonymous Revolution Remix).  They’re full of energy and you can’t go indifferent when you hear them.

Just a bit after, came the Moombahtonista EP on Mad Decent.  Pretty much every song on this EP are classics in the Moombahton scene, and they deserve that status. My favourite however is probably the least mentioned of all the tracks in this EP, Toma Berimbau. The percussion really calls my attention and the bass and the way the vocal chops are arranged is just crazy.  Makes me go bonkers every time.

Then came Trap.  Munchi’s Rotterdam Trap EP was a very important one as the genre was going. Two tracks for me clearly stand out in this one, DJ Chuckie & Hardwell – I-Alarm (Munchi’s Back Then Schurende Faze In Holly VIP) and DJ Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo – Moombah (Afrojack Rmx – Munchi’s Shoutout To Naffie VIP). I still recall the first time I heard this one live in a festival, played by Phra of Crookers.  I already loved the track and hearing it live in a great setup made my whole week.  Just an absolute monster.

Meanwhile, Munchi started posting some snippets into his Soundcloud (most are unreleased so far).  The one that stood out to me the most was Munchi – Guess Who’s Back.

Nearing the end of 2012, in September, the Trap Bubbling Mixtape come out. I lost the count of how many times I listened to this mixtape really. It’s hard to choose the best track from here but if I had to choose two I’d take Juicy J – Killa (Munchi’s Who Da Killa Remix), the Dipset Anthem track and Waka Flocka Flame – Hard In The Paint (Munchi’s Deja Tu Vaina Flocka Remix) as they were the tracks that got me hyped up the most.

Near Christmas time of that year, Munchi played on Diplo & Friends on BBC Radio 1.  A great deal of the tracks from this mix still are unreleased, and they’re absolute fire, especially I Love CDLC, Dame Coco and Entragos De Un Hombre Casado.  I also have to mention Munchi’s Goon Anthem, probably my favourite of the bunch. There was a snippet on Munchi’s Soundcloud some years back but I can’t find it anymore.

Already in 2013, nearing February the Skulltrap EP came out. It isn’t exactly my type of thing but Donny/CV ft Mc Cidinho Y Doca – Symptomless Coma/Rap Da Felicidade (Munchi’s Detangle/Unlearn VIP) is one of my favourite tracks.

Still in 2013 I have to reference the Moombahton is Dead in Munchi’s own Selegna Records and his track on the EP, Munchi ft Concon – Telenovela Tiraera (How I Got Fired At The Burger King & KFC – Het Is Echt Niet Makkelijk Royalist), Bro Safari x Munchi – Sin Compromiso (Munchi’s Fuck Bitch Promoters VIP) which is one of the best Moombahcore tracks yet, and Isa Te Dijo that was released on Selegna.

As far as 2014 goes, we are still at its beginning but Munchi already has had a number of releases, with Boom Bap Back and the Vol II: Rasterinha – Contos Do Caderninho Verde on Selegna Records.  From both those EP’s Reality Check, Shoutout To MP (That ’09 Grind) and Pika Na Boca are my favourite tracks, respectively.









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