Since the first time I discovered his music I’ve been a big time fan of the talented and innovative 3ball producer-Dj Giovanni Rios! In a time when almost all new 3ball tunes were near-similarbeats, vocal chants and standard-preset leads, Giovanni started experimenting with sophisticated bass synths and varied percussion. He called it ‘Tribal Evolution’!

When I saw this fresh new mixtape on my timeline today I realised it’s high time for Generation Bass to show some massive love!

One of the most active supporters of his music is the visionary Mexican label and music platform Popol Vuh Records, which focuses on a combination of dark psytrance with transnational bass and hiphop. This year they’ve released two free compilation-EPs with selections of the best of his music!

Grab them here & here!

His unique approach to 3ball and the many remixes of famous songs make tribal evolution not only a must for global bass sets but also an accessible way to show 3ball to dubstep, trance or even pop-crowds!





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