The stream of this EP was Premiered at The Quietus last week. Now, you can grab it for free here.

The Future of Arabian Dance is here!!!!

3 track ArabTronix EP features:

1. Bazoga


2. dimmiT!!! (also one half of Bazoga)


3 tracks, which you most likely first heard on UMB’s ArabTronix mixtape going back to last April 2013 [ArabTronix by djumb/] now finally available on this free EP showcasing Futuristic Arabian Dance Beats.

First up, kicking off with one of the most awesome remixes you’ll ever hear of the Die Antwoord anthem “Dis Iz Why I’m Hot” done in an Electro-Arabian stylee….breathtaking stuff….we’re quite sure Ninja and Yolandi Visser would approve….

Second is the solo track by dimmiT!!! who is one half of Bazoga but this is his other project. This is one mean MF’ of an Electro-Trance track with Couscous Claps and Synth melodies mirroring a great voyage into the Middle East.

The final track “Radar” is a sublime slice of Funky Techno-Arabia conjuring up images of a Post-Apocalyptic World where the machines have taken over and the language the Robots speak is Arabic.



Bazoga, a musical collaboration between Moroccan art students and brothers Salim and Tayeb Bayri, features a hyper electronic mash of Moroccan trance darbeats, darija poetry, and other samplings found online.

“Bazoga is a chance to rediscover the music which always surrounded us [in Morocco], allowing us to better understand it,” says Tayeb. “The music of our parent’s generation, chaabi, the music of the Middle Atlas, doukkala …” Salim adds, “…if you asked us to choose where we actually started, I would have to say Casablanca, because it’s the one place that we both share. It represents a kind of ‘mixture before departure’, an expression of some energy that, sooner or later, would have to come out.”

“Bazoga is: living in foreign countries + the idea of a meeting + the natural awkwardness of our language + the autobiographical childhood elements + the violence of all this mixed together.”


J. McFly

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