Viva La Ricky

It’s a year ago now since Sazon Booya broke up. Creating tons of questions and speculations around the world. They just started their set during the music festival in Miami, that set was abruptly interrupted and cancelled that day. Few days later everybody got the story, the story was that the producing part of the pair felt that the duo was unbalanced and because of this they separated ways (we did not discuss the event back then and beyond what we have just said, we are not going to discuss it now either).

Since Sazon Booya was one of the trend setters in the Moombahton scene, some pretty stupid people speculated that the genre would die with the duo (you know, when that “Moombahton is dead” hype began). The man behind the producing, never gave up. A new name emerged leaving the old one behind: Ricky Vaughn. 

So here is Ricky’s brilliant new free EP, which pretty much confirms what an outstanding talent this man is.

The four tracks are tagged with RV Club, why? Well, because he always gets his own recognizable blend in his tracks. The four tracks consist of different tempos, styles and genres.

To start off, “Jahan On Me” is a mash up of Krewella with Bollywood elements, Hip Hop beats but in a Moombahton structure.

Then there is Mis Curenos (My Horns). A Trap like, uptempo beat with Merengue influences, alongside some 808 drums. This one has been on a constant loop.

Third track is a collab with Maxx & EJ: “Jumpin”. It’s a banger, with tribal percussion and Reggae vox.

Last but not least, “Prendelo!”. This one tends to sound more like Moombahcore. Remarkable is the feminist speaking furiously in the breakdown.

All in all an EP which continues to leave the name of Sazon Booya in the shadows and bringing the Ricky Vaughn name to the forefront where it truly belongs!.

Check out Ricky’s aftermovie in Mexico!

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