This weekend I’ll be on a family trip without time to blog.. so it’s going to be an early weekend roundup tonight. Enough time to select the newest tracks for your sets this weekend!

Usually, the mixtapes start piling up towards the end of the week. This week started with a delicious mixtape from the Haarlem based duo UMOJA for the transnational music platform Groovalizacion. Plenty of groovy, organic vintage tunes from all over the tropics in this one.. Get more info on Umoja and on this great mix here!

Usually the tracks from Tu Guaina have a dark and barren vibe about them, which I always dig a lot. In this light-deep cumbia experiment, we’ll get to see another side of his emotional spectrum, but of course equally awesome and mind-altering!

Dj Caution connects smoothly to this dreamy cumbia trip. In ‘Cholula’, meditative, deep electronic sounds, Andes flutes and accordion samples flow together in a deliciously slow cumbia groove!

Grupo Jejeje is an exponent of what seems to be a wholly new style of cumbia. Electronic, mysterious but different from any of the other nu-cumbia styles we’ve seen so far. This fantastic track is my personal favourite this weekend: cumbia with dark, melodic synth sounds that give it an almost gothic/witch house kindof atmosphere!

Not long ago, I posted a mixtape from the Zürich based producer-dj El Gayo Negro. This week he released two great tracks!

One melodic tune, ‘El Camino Claro’,  with a fair dose of dance-drive!

And ‘Chambeando’, a deliciously minimalistic cumbia track which spices up organic percussion with subtle hihats!

On my quick exploration tour for new artists, I stumbled upon the great Chilean band Anarkia Tropikal, which fuses the vintage psychedelic sound of chicha with reggae, dub and punk.. they’ve uploaded lots of tracks over the last days which you should definitely check out ! Here I to excellent examples:

Zombie-themed cumbia with a surprise at the end..

..and an anti-fascistic dub-rock-cumbia fusion whith another kind of surprise at the end that is maybe even crazier than the in the zombie track!

The same goes for the hyper-productive digitropical fanatic 4:20 Music Flavor.. But of the three tunes he released this week, the only cumbia tune was this cumbia-breakbeat-bass fusion.. ‘De la chingada’!

Here in The Netherlands, festival season is just around the corner and I think everywhere Dj’s are preparing for the bigger stages.. so I’ll close this week with the tunes from this week that should not be missing in your sets this summer!

The mashups from the channel Mashup Mexico are always the most unique, creative blends of styles imaginable. This week they’ve subjected Amy Whinehouse to a thorough cumbia-makeover!

On Facebook, Erick Jaimez suggested that Tiësto should play this at Ultra Festival this weekend. I assured this up and coming producer from Dallas that this day will come! And of course, Generation Bass wants to help wherever possible to make this come true. So @tiesto, if you still read this on time.. make sure you insert this track into your set and rock Miami with ‘El Nuevo Chuntaro Style’!!

For the fans of cumbia villera, Buenos Aires based cumbia vocalist Jackita just announced a new album with covers of legendary villera-songs, passionately named “cumbiera no se hace, cumbiera se nace” (“You don’t become a cumbia-girl, you’re born one”)!



With this track as a first foretaste! Grab it here for free!

But the most epic banger of this week is without any doubt Yelram Selectah‘s cumbification of the EDM banger that was the powerful kickoff for 2014.. This one more than deserves to boom not just all over Ultra Festival this weekend, but in every possible club!!

..and you are going to take care of that!

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