Irina is one of the original Bass Angels and she has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever encountered, the kind of voice that transcends this world.  The kind of voice that makes your jaw drop to the floor!

I’ve known her now for almost 10 years, having worked with her on various projects throughout the years before Generation Bass came into existence. She continues to amaze and enthrall me with her voice to this very day, its beauty never diminishes and just seems to become even more important and unique.  Still amazes me and feels so unjust that she has not reached the same heady heights of vocalists like Lisa Gerrard, she surely deserves to be up there with people like that.

You should check out her work because it will provide you with a unique and beautiful perspective of the richness of the human voice.

Couple of tracks here, one a new Deep Dub and another older gorgeous killa track that I used for one of my earlier compilations.

Deleido Dub by Vlastur & Irina Mikhailova

Irina Mikhailova is a cross-pollinating vocalist, composer, and multi instrumentalist whose musical style reflects traditions of Russia, Balkans, Asia and Middle East.

She plays wide array of instruments including Udu, Jews Harp, Steel Drum, Piano and Tar.

From the wide steppes of Kazakhstan to classical training in Saint Petersburg, following soulful “concerts busy” Prague Irina has traveled to multicultural San Francisco where she currently resides.




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