Whilst checking out Swindle’s remix of a Little Dragon track I chanced upon this mix on the Little Dragon soundcloud page, which focuses upon some of the South African House pioneers of late. It’s not a new mix but was uploaded about 5 months back but it’s a great one to check out if you want to feel the vibes of South African House & Kwaito.

Regular readers of this blog or even those who are no strangers to my African mixes should be pretty familiar with all of the artists on this mix.

1. Do It Blek Sem – Dj Cleo
2. Kuyafiwa – Dj Cleo
3. Ruthless – Dj Cleo
4. Jezebel – Professor feat. Oskido & Dj Tira
5. Mambotjie – TKZee
6. unknown name – Abafana Bovenvane from their cassette SIBALI. label is USM and the cassette no is ZGAL 2080
7. Africa Natives (silly willy) – Mzee
8. Mono T Jam – Oskido & Master Wakes
9. Akhonto feat. Lelethu – Dj Clock
10. Terminator – Dj Gukwa
11. Ndiya Ndiya feat. Zulu Naja – Dj Cleo
12. Track 7 – Dj Christos from Afrodessia mp3 disc1 …. LOL (sorry this is all i got)
13. Djs Manifesto – Oskido
14. Banane Mavoko – Black Motion feat. Jah Rich

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