New EP release from Old Money.

Mothership track is a Funky House stomper with liquid Jazz interludes that is gonna just kill it on the dance floors – those dance floors where they actually dance and not just fist pump.

The EP also includes 2 remixes of the Mothership track by Chief Boima who takes the track on a deep spiritual (Corey-I wear my sunglasses at night) space excursion and South Africa’s DJ Spoko who transforms the track into something that sounds like Moby on speed.

The track “Gargon” also features and that kinda sounds like some Trippy Hip Hoppy Psychedelic African shroom-fest!

All in all really good vibes!

Here’s what’s said:

Dutty Artz is proud to present Old Money’s Mothership EP. The title song, originally released in the summer of 2013 on their Fire in the Dark mixtape, is a soulful funky-house jam that serves as the announcement for a return from a visit to the metaphorical mothership. This ship is a place where an enlightened creative community nurtures its brightest future stars, a Zion in the sky that is both the beginning and the destiny for all this planet’s righteous sufferers. Such a vessel has been at the cornerstone of American Black Liberationist movements since their stirrings at the beginning of the 20th Century – from Marcus Garvey’s Black Star Liner to Elijah Muhammad and Sun Ra. These are the roots of the Old Money philosophy.

For the rest of the EP, the group adds previously unreleased ‘Gargon’, a song that celebrates the brighter sides of our hyper-connected terrestrial society. It is rounded out by remixes from Dutty Artz’ own Chief Boima and South Africa’s DJ Spoko, making it a true pan-Atlantic collaboration.

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