Haven’t enjoyed an electronic album as much as this one for quite some time. This one gets your right in the zone, that Heart Break Zone.

Not much is known about this dude except that he writes Love songs and he claims to be from Western Sahara, which only adds to the excitement about his work.

Wow, this album is just full of gorgeous melancholic electro melodies that make you float and contemplate the state of your broken heart but it feels good that your heart is broken!  The whole atmosphere of the album imbues you with a sense of optimism and knowing that your broken heart will mend and it will all turn out alright in the end!

Just sublime and highly recommended. Definitely one of the surprise discoveries of the year, think a futuristic M83!!!

He doesn’t even have 300 followers on soundcloud but I think that will soon change.

Download a mini-mix of the album:

Grab the whole thing from bandcamp:

Tip O’ Hat 2 Lara Lara!