We return to Moombahton, as we always did, but as always, with a difference, this time with another Balkan Bang!!!

If you recall we released the first ever Balkanton EP and that was way back in October 2011 with Shazalakazoo’s “Bang! Bang!” EP.  Fast Forward 3 years and we go back to explore more of that vibe that we love so much here.

The Boranija EP is a Co-Production from several musicians and djs from the Balkans.

The idea for the track was developed 2012 in Berlin, where A-Skizo from Sarajevo (Bosnia) and BeatShock met for the first time, the direction and style the producers would take, was clear from the very first moment, exotic, full of phat bass lines and fresh sounds.

The trumpet sound was recorded by the famous musician Cristinel Manole of Fanfara Kalashnikov (Romania).


The Rhymes was made by Deepstone Selectah from Serbia.


Shazalakazoo also worked upon two brilliant Remixes for this EP release.


Grab it for free now:

01. Boranija – Original mix
02. Boranija – Shazalakazoo Remix
03. Boranija – Slowmo Beatshock Edit
04. Boranija – Shaza-Speed Edit

Balkantronika is a Music-Producer and DJ-Team from Berlin Germany. Balkantronika is also a party series which has been taking place on a regular basis since 2003, featuring a mix of Balkan-Bass-Tunes, Electro, Moombahton, & Dubstep. The unique thing about Balkantronika is the variety of live acts and guest DJs who come together to seduce guests time and again with diverse Balkan soundscapes.

DJ Beatshock is the founder and DJ behind the party series Balkantronika, and as such he revs up his guests with his own originally created, all-over musical explorations of the Balkans, the central focus of which is Balkan-Bass-Tunes. An explosive mixture of fast beats and indescribable Balkan flair. His long-time musical experience on the international scene and his contact with heterogeneous styles come together to make for an unforgettable evening. .. ..

Since 2003 DJ-Beatshock is making Balkantronika partys in berlin where he plays Balkan-Music mixed with modern club-sounds. Music-Producing since 2009.


Web: http://www.balkantronika.de
Mail: [email protected]
Booking: [email protected]

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