Viva La Ricky

Apart from the Viva La Ricky EP we discussed last week, After Mess Records also released an EP full of remixes. Having ten tracks ranging from zouk bass, twerk, moombahton, dubstep and kuduro.

First up, Daybreakers are one of the two who made of remix of Jahan On Me. Creating a moombahton flavoured mash up.

Producingmachine Macrohard is the second who recomposed Jahan On Me. Zouk Bass style, massive percussion here.

Then the remixes of Mis Cuernos, first one is from someone deep into the moombahton scene: Fake Mustache, moombahton banger right here.

Now something totally different, Bumb Ay speeds up the tempo with a massive kuduro beat. Expect madness!

First Jumpin track remix, what style could possibly be more associated with the title? Upper is the one and only with an trap remix.

Washiwa is known for producing the harder and more raw kind of moombahton, he also made a remix for this EP.

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