The music scene changes from time to time. New producers appear, others stop producing, new trends arise, others fall by the wayside but the true producers who love what they do with passion and have their own style when they play are the ones that withstand time. Dj Edgar is one of those producers.

With over 20 years of funk , born and raised in Tijuca, Edgar follows accompanied by his MPC Blue Angel and makes a great live and without tricks. He has travelled to Europe more than 10 times for the European summer to introduce more of Baile Funk and show your skills in playing funk in MPC, mixig global trends with funk. This year, Edgar travels back to Europe. If you’ve never seen him live, I strongly recommend that you run to one of your gigs. You will be able to understand and feel the true energy of funk made by a genuine funkeiro from Rio.

We talked with Edgar for you to understand a little more about the work of this Funk legend. He will be in tour in – at moment – this countrys: Sweden,Switzerland, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Germany and can pass in your conutry too. Just send him a e-mail for this.

Now, the interview:

Rasteirinha da Danada feat. DJ Edgar by Djedgarjr Marins on Mixcloud

You always travel to Europe , you know already how many times you made it?

By my calculations this is the 15th time (since 2005).

How do you prepare your set for tour in Europa ?

I have my style called Funk Carioca Mundial, the ” Baile Funk With High Quality “, and the own name is can make you think about it. I create my sound to all the possible influences to be mixed with Funk Carioca, without losing the power of sound Favela and with high quality and production. I mixes Black Music, Trap, Eeletronic, Pop, Reggae, Brazilian Music, Dustep and so on …

The public already recognizes the baile funk sound ?

In my case, yes, because I have a style that makes the Gringo understand our sound.  I cannot  play the same as I play around here. They understand the Metrica but do not understand the lyric .

How is the  energy of public when you play ? they ask for some hit or especif  music ?

I play mostly for gringo and non- Brazilians living outside Brazil.

This is why I participated in countless festivals eg . Smirnorff Nightlife exchance (Berlin) Couler cafe (Belgium), SpringFestival (Vienna), Sfinks Festival(Antwerp), Radical Riddims (Berlin) Lusotronics (Berlin) among many others that are frequented mostly by foreigners and not by Brazilians.

The funk is evoluing in a way unprecedented . Already have neo baile , the favela trap , now rasterinha . How do you see all this movement ?

I Love Evolution, I love to see my Baile Funk getting more Quality, trends, mix it is fucking good. I Respect, I admire and I support all of this.

What can we expect from Edgar in 2014 ?

What I try to do every year. Evolve and add more quality, information and respect (vision) to our Baile Funk Mundial. Ahh , and also my second album is available on itunes and deezer. The first already online since November and it was amazing … those wonderful acceptance in my 24 years of playing and producing Funk.


DJ Edgar – Baile Funk With High Quality

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