I work and listen funk carioca music, for so long time. But, my second favorite style is moombahton.

I wrote another day about my experience with Munchi, and was amazing! One reason was that I was listening one of my favorite music style in my own country, and city. I don’t have to take a plane to listen it. So, I’m one of the most supporter from brazilian producers make moombahton, and here is one of they.

Rheg is the half part of ASSHAKE, a interesting project of twerk music. But, in last year, he produced 7 remixes of moombahton, but didn’t release that. I don’t know why. But he made it few weeks ago.

I choose 3 tracks, which is my favorites, but there is another 4 to you listen and with free download!

Here is the full EP, and let’s expect for more brazilian moombahtonistas!

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