A couple of days ago, Erick Jaimez promised me a productive week with as many tracks as possible for Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. That made me think: why not dedicate an entire edition to the up and coming cumbia-crunk tiger from Dallas? We asked him some questions about music, cumbia and his ambitions:

GB: As an introduction for our readers, how would you describe yourself as an artist? How did you come up with this unique style?

EJ: I would try to describe myself as a versatile artist, where I can be on a different genre at any given time. I love music in general. My style is a blend of every sound I’ve ever heard in my life (House, Trap, Rap, etc…), but my passion stays in cumbia. It just goes well with anything.

GB: Cumbia seems to be a basic element in most of your work. What is your personal connection with cumbia?

EJ: When I was younger living in Guerrero Mexico, I didn’t like cumbia haha. But when I moved to Dallas, I guess you could say I felt homesick because everytime I did hear a cumbia track, it would remind me of my city’s streets. Subconsciously, it was (and is) a big part of my life. And I like any type of cumbia now whether is Guaracha, Villera, Tropical, Sonidero… anything.

GB: You live in Dallas, Texas. How is the local music scene there in that city? And how does your own work relate to what’s going on in Dallas?

EJ: There has always been a music scene here. From what I know, people aren’t too heavy into Moombahton or Cumbia. The last time people were into anything different was in 2005-2006 when the whole crunk cumbia scene emerged. It was crazy, you’d hear it everywhere! I remember hearing Ralphy Ralph‘s ‘El Campanero‘ for the first time and it blew my mind. That changed my whole view to what a song or remix could be. My work doesn’t really relate to the scene here, honestly. I make what sounds good and from what I can tell, people are digging it!

GB: A couple of weeks ago, you experimented with some tribal guarachero. Are there any other genres that you’d like to explore?

EJ: I’ve played with Moombahton a bit. I’ve used some dubstep grimey sounds. Even Hardstyle. I want to touch any genre possible really.

GB: How would you describe your ambitions? (Like Tiësto playing your music ;-))

EJ: Hahaha I would describe my ambitions as over the top. I’d like to one day travel and spread my sounds to anyone who are willing to open themselves and enjoy some new music.  @Tiësto, bro, hit me up!

GB: Do you have specific things or projects in store for 2014 that our readers can already look forward to?

EJ: I have a streaming mix session one a month with my friend Hugo (SoyOllin) called 10X10TX. We get together and throw down a 1-2 hour mix for y’all to see and enjoy. Dallas Cumbiaholic 3 is in the works, release date TBA. Mmmm that’s all I can disclose 🙂

Enjoy his new releases here!

A collab with Dj Funk-E, delivering some fresh Chilanguera!

Cumbia Cienaguera!

A massive collab with LocoMotive, remixing an all-time latin rock classic!

And the list wouldn’t be complete without these happy, uptempo house grooves: the perfect start of every seXXy saturday night!

In case you don’t follow Erick Jaimez already, find him on:






But we’ve got more on offer this week of course, starting with a number of excellent mixtapes..Regional Label‘s weekly mixtape for Radio Bipolar FM is delivered this time by our frequently supported dub master from Lima, Petardo, a.k.a. Cumbia Dub Club! As we’re used to in the productions and mixtapes from his own channel, this mix too contains a delicious selection of tunes varying from dreamy and laid-back dub to cumbiahall, cumbiaton and energetic Villera vibes!

This powerful mixtape from Luii-G Dj, one half of the Mexico City based 3ball duo Chilango Beat, deserves some extra attention! On Facebook I’ve called this mix a ‘dream coming true’. Right from the time when I first got into the transnational bass scene, I’ve always pushed the combination of moombahton and trap with 3ball and cumbia. Couple of years back, when these scenes were all very new, they pretty much did their own thing. 3ball became huge, but stayed totally in its own world. while most trap became part of EDM and turned into the number 1 enemy for some moombahtonistas. All too bad because the vibes flow so well together, also with cumbiaton, that I’ve always had the feeling that they should belong together.. Not convinced yet? Just listen to this!

A whole different but equally amazing vibe is represented in this mixtape from the Argentinian deep-tropicalist Nunsense. El desierto is a wonderful selection of thoughtful, purifying cumbia sounds from artists like El Búho, The Peronists and Rogelio Huerta!

The Melbourne based transnational bass dj Lucas Posada did a nice promo-tape for tonight’s event Caribbean Funk.. unfortunately with the time zone, the party will be over by the time you read this so if you happen to be in Melbourne, you missed an awesome night full of delicious psychedelic vintage-tropicalism, funky Afro-Latin grooves and plenty of crossovers to their current-day electronic counterparts!

Finally, Mr. Flexx, a tropicalist from Munich, presented this live set record this week with a great blend of cumbia and dancehall!

This week saw the release of a full album of the experimental Argentinian project Tropifármico, from Dj Rüstico and Lucas Pujol. After their EP that came out last year, ‘Erotifármaco’ is their second grand release. The album is a collection of excellent melodic powerful tunes with a dark-erotic edge, which combine cumbia with a wide variety of other flavours like moombahton, brega, trap and techno. Most important of all is that all these tracks are actually songs. One of the things transnational bass needs most urgently now are songs with full lyrics  that can be performed by singers and rappers in live interaction with the crowds. Let this album be an inspiration for us all!

Sonora Rumbatron released an EP with until now unreleased materials! The first one, ‘raiz’ (‘root’) is a thoughtful indigenous folk-inspired demo, accompanied by a powerful outcry against ethnic violence against indigenous peoples, a reality that is still going on today. The second one, ‘Eco en el Tropico’ (Echo in the Tropics) is a cumbia dub tune that sharply captures the overwhelming, sultry atmosphere of the tropics. ‘Sunset’ is a deliciously deep, tropical latinhouse tune that takes you to white palm beach in the evening and lets a soft breeze run across your skin from the very first second!

The Peruvian nu-cumbiambero Qechuaboi is back with a new, live performed, wildly creative digital cumbia tune! It draws again on an heavily eclectic mix of influences, running from techno and trap to oldskool breakbeat and acid!

Because of all the haste over the last weeks, I haven’t had the time yet to blog two earlier tracks.. Not strictly cumbia but you’ll definitely dig this !

I’m falling more in love with digital sonidera more everytime I listen to it! This week Orihuela M.S.S. is back with ‘Multifactorial’: futuristic, melodic synth-cumbia with a delicious dark edge! Perfect!

I’m equally enthusiastic about this week’s new release from Grupo Jejeje. ‘Kumbia de las Estrellas’ is equally dark and futuristic, perhaps even from farther out of deep space, but with a subtle amount of porn as its secret ingredient!

Club de Baile CD’M goes for a lighter vibe but still deliciously deep, and dreamy. ‘Priorités Dance’ is a cumbiaton tune that is not only perfect for a Sunday afternoon playlist or a meditative music set.. it also stays very danceable.. and that is what cumbia is all about after all!

My surprise-discovery for this week is without any doubt this absolutely wonderful tune from the Lima-based digital cumbiambero La Hekatombe! ‘Al son de la Mamita Pacha’, ‘On the Sound of Mother Earth’ is an experimental, mind-altering, yet minimalistic tribute to the Andean prehispanic culture and spirituality!

Barda from Buenos Aires also did two excellent cumbia-chill tracks which have escaped my radar over the last weeks.

‘Venus’ is a very downtempo, hypnotising deep track which you should listen with your eyes closed!

‘Hermanados’ is a folk inspired organic tune that’s more laidback-chill in groove. Perfect for the same lazy-Sunday playlist, for the lounge-corner or just for any occasion where you need some intensely happy music that can make you smile!

Exactly the same goes for this thoughtful chicha-dub track from Piper Street Sound!

Another chicha-edit here, from the Cordoba (Argentina) based reggae & cumbia remixer Fran Caino, now which a subtle amount of passionate dance-drive!

Definitely more energy in this pure cumbia-redub tune from El Mulato! We haven’t seen this nu-cumbiambero from Buenos Aires in about a year but ‘Que Linda te Vez’ is a promising start for 2014!

Yeska Digital is a musical project from HydroSelekter and vocalist Sista Vianey, who make full-lyrics songs that combine the vibes of cumbia, dub and reggae. This great new release, ‘Escapate’, is a collab with the Collectivo Ska Monterrey!

Time for the closing bangers! If you live on the part of the globe where club-time is still some hours ahead.. get all dressed and in the right mood with these massive tunes!

S T A R K from Chile describes himself as a producer of ‘Latin Drums & Dirty Synths’, that means: an eclectic list of productions varying between cumbia, cumbiaton, reggaeton, moombahton, house and more! This delicious cumbification of Ellie Goulding’s Burn is not so much a banger but still an excellent track to collect energy and a good vibe at the same time!

And here the epic new creation from the king of the feelgood-pop-cumbification: Cumbia Drive!

The only one who could compete with Cumbia Drive in this same category is the Colombian Dj Don Alex. This week he gave a cumbia treatment to Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Tyga’s ‘Loyal’, of course keepin’ it explicit!

Arturo Herrera‘s limitless creativity is going full force again with this powerful fusion of cumbia with high-energy ‘jump-up-moombahcore!

But the crown-banger of the week is without any doubt this massive cumbia-moombahton track from 3ball legend DJ Tamalero! The description says that this is probably his last cumbia experiment.. Generation Bass begs the OG to keep producing these epic vibes!!

More than time to party now.. Wepa! (Roaarrrr!!!)




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