Keeping the post of News from Neo Baile Funk, we took this second post to show, in our opinion, the best producer of favela trap. We want to introduce the idea of Baile Twerk, and finish with some material of funkeiros from Rio, to see what they are doing now.


This is the group of favela trap, which is our favorite. They are creative. They do heay beats. And they know how to use the best part of funk, in trap beats.

Pesadão Tropical is 3 producers, Thiago Salvador, Guilherme Niches and Henrique Janelli. All from Rio Grande do Sul, the last state from Brazil, in direction South (wtf?). They are even near from Rio. But the sound is hot, is heavy, and is fresh. This is because the name of this group is Pesadão Tropical.

They released last week this AWESOME track, called FIXTAILE! with huge influence from Trap and electro, finishing with vocals and beats of funk. They have, what we brazilians call, the trickery – Malandragem – of funk carioca. They use with knowledge the rigth dosage of funk. If the mentor of favela trap – Dj Comrade – gave the idea of this movement, we can say they know what they understand it and know what are doing.

BONUS: they record this great mixtape to our friends from Club Popozuda.

1620536_718319394874652_1938137605_nPesadão Tropical


The ASSHAKE is our second favorite project from South of Brazil. They do a mix of twerk style with baile funk. We call it Favela Twerk, and again, who started it was our big friend DJ Comrade (we wrote a interview with him, in few days is up).

ASSHAKE is a duo from JoinVille – Santa Catarina, with Rheg and Mixdude in control of production . This city should be new to underground scene, because the mainstream sound is of there, is electro, deep house and house. So, when a duo start to produce baile funk with twerk, in JoinVille, it’s a surprise.

Well, backing to asshake, the name is auto understanding. They mixed 2 great styles of dance with ass, so shake that ass in club. With few productions, they a have a track on HyBrazil Vol4 – from Chico Dub – the Picolé, a mix of rasterinha with twerk. Plus, they have other tracks with rasterinha too. The main style of this duo is the Favela Twerk.

And in Baile Funk – the original? what’s happening?

Well, baile funk is backing to original essence of baile funk, talking about woman, dance, sexuality, the reality and  funny things. The Funk Ostentação was a big movement from São Paulo, but they use more the beats of baile funk to create a track then keep with the essence of funk. In Funk Ostentação, we can feel the difference from production of Rio. One sounds more like a Rap, they are singing and saying brends, talking about money. In other hand we have singers talking about womans, ass shaking, dancing and passinho.

ok, but what is hot?

PS: Valesca Popozuda is the girl/mc on first photo of this photo. She released the most expansive videoclipe from funk, as we know.

Rasteirinha Qual é – DJ Edgar vs Marcelo D2 by Djedgarjr Marins on Mixcloud

Chefao Funk-Trap feat. DJ Edgar ® by Djedgarjr Marins on Mixcloud

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