Just ahead of Jet’s EP dropping on Generation Bass, we asked her to put together her Top 10 Borneo Bass tracks and here they are.

You can find out a whole load more about Jet in the coming days on Generation Bass.

Over to her list.

10.Tokyo Lights by Xenon Square featuring Yaya Suraya

9. Donny Rome – Infectious

8. The Kucei Anthem by Dellas Deroy

7. Cluster by Amonra

6. Jet Of Borneo (Duckworthsound Official Remix) Remix by Duckworthsound

5. Shmacked And Shwasted by ChukieSS & Whackboi

4. Let’s Rock by MaxxRell & Zeeqsquad

3. Spank Me by Z.F.X

2. Gendang Kamek Orang Sarawak by S&P

1.Taboh Bi Giam by S&P

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