Transnational Bass DJ/Producer representing The Island of Borneo, introducing Jet Airess and her Borneo Bass!

“Borneo bass is mainly “a twist of modern Electronic Bass & Borneo’s Tropical dance music virus” – Bassfriends.

The first track on this EP “Tangsi” is a collab with USA’s emerging Bass Don, Banginclude. This dude is gonna be blowing up all over the USA in 2014 and so we’re lucky to have him on this release. On this track both producers take the best elements of Rasterinha (that new thing from Brazil), Baile Funk Vox & Borneo Bass and take it to the Big Room in Big Style with a melody from the Borneo Rainforests that sounds like it’s Celtic and could have been lifted from the Giants Causeway, totally bizarre but it works a treat. The melody is played on an instrument called a “Sape”, a traditional lute of the Orang Ulu or “upriver people”, who live in the longhouses that line the rivers of Central Borneo.

“Tangsi” is a humongous, anthemic track that is going to be heard everywhere this year in all the underground parties that mean anything in this scene.

On “Seraheng” Jet teams up with S&P aka Sundae & Pharmacist who hail from Borneo. They are the founders of the label Bassfriends Records and are also the creators of Borneo Bass. On this track they deliver the true spirit of Borneo Bass in a bouncy and atmospheric rampage in a noisy Rainforest that sounds like it is being plundered of all its natural resources. I just hope this track does not attract Greenpeace to protest outside GB Towers!

The final track, “Organic” is the one that brought Jet to our attention. Its bouncing, lilting riddims of Borneo Bass develop a hypnotic almost Tom Waitsian “Bone Machine” feel. The track then breaks down to reveal an apocalyptic scene where you can visualize a Colonel Kurtz type figure summoning the tribes to dance…. or to be beheaded!…..the horror…the horror….!

Grab it for free now:

Jet Airess


Sundae & Pharmacist
Bassfriends Records

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