Dub Sundaes is a Portuguese label with headquarters in Caldas da Rainha, a prodigal city in the western central part which has been revealing some of the most innovative artists in the country due in part to the art schools there. With almost a year of activity but headed by an “old school” team with very clear ideas, Dub Sundaes provides coherent events with national and international artists, tight releases and radio shows targeting the Portuguese bassheads´s fine taste.

They always brings the best of the bass music made in Portugal, so for their second release they signed the talented B.Riddim aka Luís Sequeira. Interesting how an artist that was born in one of the most cold cities in the country makes the most warm music known around here.

Born in the city of Guarda (another city known for giving birth to very creative artists) soon find himself in the middle of analog sounds, Classical Piano studies and Music Theory. Growing and giving continuity to the  exploration of Rap and Industrial sounds on the project G-Ward, a personal love for all Bashment coming from Jamaica started to became more solid and seminal in the next steps of his career.

In Madrid studying Audio Engineering; Dub, Dubstep and IDM starts to become his favourite channels of expression without never forgetting his past influences and production techniques. Canada, Mexico and then London were the following places where he traveled for improving his knowledge and influences for his work.

The EP opens with homonym track Back To Wild, 125 BPM full of meticulous and fragile textures well fitted in a solid bass. Between the exploration of the Leftfield sounds on the rhythm pattern and the spacy Purple Sound on the synths, the track keeps the imagery in the urban sights but looking very up to the cosmos.

The 2nd track, Dub is My Land, needs no comment, the title says everything. Bravio Dub is a hell of a damn impressive dubby tune with the Spanish guitar leading the way and kazoos and trumpets on a liquid effect making this one of the best tracks of the EP for me. Prepare your best cocktail and enjoy it at the sun.

Keep pushing boundaries of Dub now at 140 BPM, Dub’ipnotik like the title says is made for mind travel, so lay down on the pumping bass and let the other elements do the rest.

More heavy on the rhythm pattern D’ub – El Otro finds the perfect balance with the melodica (pianica) and strangely (at least for me) keeps sending me more to Latin America than to Jamaica with subtle arrangements.

Keep an eye on this artist and this label, more news about them soon.





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