Great new release here from one of Manchester’s leading proponents of Bass music. I luv how 80’s sounding synths are coming back in a big way and that they “still” sound so futuristic like they do on the first track of this release. The whole release has the shades of futuristic Electronica, Hip Hop, Dub, American Club and even an ode to Moombahton on the track “Monsanto”

Ballroom/Vogue’s seminal “Ha Dance” figures mostly throughout the release. Most of you should know by now Ballroom is most in love with the Ha Dance’s metallic, demanding, industrial-sounding crash, often used every fourth beat to punctuate dancers dramatically dipping to the floor and first used by Masters at Work’s on their 1991 classic, “The Ha Dance”.

Then there’s a clutch of remixes that take the tracks into different and interesting directions by the likes of Slagz, Traxxx Romay and Vjuan Allure giving it a more American Club vibe (the cooler vibe as opposed to EDM) throughout.

Def cop this, great club music for real dance floors:

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