Great new AfroBeat release by Scotland’s Auntie Flo’ taking in some riddims and vybz from the Ivory Coast.  Really good stuff:

Here’s what the label say:

Auntie Flo Hey Don’t Make Trouble (She’s the Woman of Your Boss)

“My boss’ wife is pregnant…and me, me, now Im gona have problems..So, I’m giving this advice to anyone that has a boss, in this life, you can make mistakes, but just don’t touch your boss’ wife, don’t look for trouble in this life, don’t touch your boss wife, because at the end of the month, it’s your boss who pays your wages”

The Glasgow/London based musician worked with vocalists from the Ivory Coast. The lyrics are a tongue and cheek rhyme that is commonly known in the Ivory Coast and represent a very sage piece of advice: ‘Don’t sleep with your bosses wife’!

The connection was made by German-based Ivory Coast DJ/Producer Raoul K. Upon hearing Auntie Flo’s instrumental version he immediately recognised the rhythm as similar to a traditional rhyme from his Ivory Coast homeland. He then helped facilitate the vocal recording and a few months later the track was finished.

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