Pretty awesome cover version of a Joy Division track here by Celt Islam’s other band “Analogue Fakir”.

The original Joy Divison track was released as a B-side to the track “Atmosphere” in 1980 as a France-only single under the title Licht und Blindheit (“Light and Blindness”).

Analogue Fakir is an alternative Sufi Electro Psy-Dub project by Celt Islam whose sound is a fusion of western and middle eastern influences combined with a futurist Islamic dub attitude.  The band compise of Celt Islam on Percussion and Keyboards, Purple Dave on Keyboards, Spanish Guitar and Bass and Bruce Baker on Analogue Synths.

On this cover the band keep the track within Post-Punk territory and add shades of the Pixies, Slowdive and MBV to create a bit of a monster.  They were also helped by the real time vibe & atmosphere of Manchester as the track was made just round the corner from where Factory Records once stood and the bridge in the above image is right next to Celt Islam’s house.  They hope to add vocals in due course.

Check it out, I think it’s just brilliant.

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